The best places to stay in Liverpool

The Shankly Hotel

For anyone who reads my blog you will know that I live very close to Liverpool and love spending time in the city. The things to do in Liverpool are endless and if you’ve never been then I would definitely recommend a visit. Not everyone will have the short distance to travel like I do, […]

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Things To Do In Liverpool

Since starting the blog just over a year ago, you may have seen that Liverpool has featured in a few of my posts. I live really close to Liverpool and I love the city so I make the short journey there quite often, whether it be to go to football, go shopping or drinking, as […]

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The Shankly Hotel | Liverpool

Last Wednesday was my Birthday and not just any birthday, it was my 21st! Me and my girlfriend, Keely enjoyed a 4 day weekend which was full of surprises for me, I can’t tell you how amazing our time off was. As a big Liverpool Fan and living close to the city, I’ve always wanted […]

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