Everything you need to know about buying a second hand car

It’s your lucky day, you’ve had your annual bonus, and your current mode of transport is on its last legs. You are probably reaching for the latest second-hand car magazine as you think about what you’d like your next car to look like and how fast it will go.

Let me stop you there; go ahead, take a look at that magazine. But do your research, don’t be sold down the river by a glossy picture.

Be savvy to find out about the make, will it be reliable, can you get spare parts quickly or and will it break the bank trying to get it back up to your standard.

What Makes of Car Should You Consider?

So, you think you have found your dream car. 

How reliable will the car be in the winter, and will it safely get you from A to B?

Here are a few cars that you can be confident will be less likely to breakdown on you.

  • Skoda Fabia
  • Ford Fiesta
  • Seat Ibiza
  • Volkswagen Polo
  • Mini
  • Hyundai i20
  • Renault Clio
  • Honda Jazz
  • Vauxhall Corsa
  • Audi A1

One of the most reliable makes of the vehicle is Volkswagen, so take a look at vw used cars. You’ll not be going too far wrong with one of these makes of vehicle. 

If this make is not for you, investigate one or two of the other makes instead.

Why is it Better to Buy a Used Car?

Most used cars feature much of the technology that you use every day.

New cars tend to drop in value once you leave the forecourt of the dealership. So, choosing a used car can help to minimise any adverse effects posed by second-hand vehicles.

Make sure you buy a used car that carries a warranty, protects you if your used car develops any problems in a set period. You can also save money on your car insurance, as many insurers offer a reduced rate for insuring used cars. Check all documentation, ensuring that it matches the VIN number. 

Make sure that the vehicle does not have any HP loans or that the car is not a right off; you must report this to the police if this is no correct.

Opting to buy a used car, is a form of recycling as you are taking a car out of a landfill site chain, reusing and repurposing.

Do Used Cars Damage the Environment?

You can go green with a used car. Buying a used car is far better than investing in a hybrid vehicle. However, it would help if you considered selling your gas guzzler, you’d be reducing your carbon footprint and helping to lower global warming. By making these changes creates less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

You should also look at government regulations to check if the car you intend to buy is a sustainable option or if you should buy an eco-friendly car instead.

Finally, the choices you make can make a tremendous difference in our world.

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