How to make your car last longer

The feeling of getting a new car is unlike any other. However, sometimes it can be trumped by a greater satisfaction: having a car that you love, and finding ways to keep it running as long as possible. Owning a great car is like entering into a relationship – it will take care of you if you take care of it in return. As much as you might enjoy driving it, if you are careless with your car it will start to break down, develop issues, and you will end up having to replace it sooner than you want. In order to make your car last longer, here are a few general maintenance areas to look out for.


If your car sits in your yard for a while without being used, the battery might degrade. Jumpstarts can also affect and drain the battery life of your car in the long run. To solve this and help your car last the distance, make sure you’re driving it at least once a week – and if this isn’t possible, invest in a trickle charger and a battery conditioner to help regulate the power and keep your car’s battery in top shape.


At first glance, you might not think your tire health relates to the car itself – after all, you can always change a tire if it goes bust, right? Actually, worn-out tires can affect the suspension and health of your car long before they get so bad you need to change them. Consistently check your tire tread depth following advice from John Delany Motors, and don’t leave it too late to replace your tires with new, fully pumped-up versions. This will help you stay within legal limits and keep you safe on the road as well as helping your car survive into the future.

Drive Smoothly

One of the best ways you can take care of your care isn’t by mechanical maintenance or replacing various components – it’s about driving as smoothly as you can. Going over road bumps too fast, skidding around corners, even braking suddenly and often, will all put a strain on the inner working of your car. It’s like an athlete attempting to run 100 meters without warming up, making it much more likely they’ll sprain a muscle. If you want your car to remain healthy and working for longer, treat it with care and respect whilst driving.


Your car runs on fluids, and failing to monitor their levels can have disastrous consequences. Once a fortnight, you should check your engine oil and make sure the level falls between the minimum and maximum markers, and that it looks the right colour (yellowy-brown in petrol engines). Anything too dark needs to be replaced, as it means that it has gathered unwanted dirt into your engine. You’ll also want to top up the coolant reservoir with distilled water and antifreeze. Your car becoming too hot or too cold can spell a death sentence, and keeping this functioning correctly can help your car stay healthy for years to come.

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