Why the current time should be the perfect excuse for a style makeover

The coronavirus pandemic that has emerged in 2020 has seen the world shift like never before. Everything seems chaotic and unstable at the moment. You might be worried about your job, your finances, and your health. However, one aspect of your life that shouldn’t be impacted by the Covid-19 madness is your style. If you feel like you have been stuck in a bit of a style rut for the past few fashionista seasons, there is no better time to give your look a bit of a makeover. Fashion trends may come and go but lockdown has made everyone consider the person that they long to be in the future.

While there are some more serious considerations that you may have playing on your mind during this global pandemic, you can give your anxieties a bit of a rest by focusing your mind on more trivial and fun pursuits. If you are eager to embark on a style makeover, take a look at how you can revolutionize your look.


The vintage look is still very much in fashion. It doesn’t matter whether you are into the mod look, the 1980s hipster style, or a more formal suited and booted art deco 1920s gangster vibe, you can find those garments that can turn your fashionista dream into a reality. Longer suit jackets that are tailored in a more fitted style are often double breasted and have the ubiquitous side breast pocket. Couple this collared jacket look with a crisp white shirt and a skinny tie, and you have a 1960s vibe. The tie-pin is all-important when it comes to exuding a vintage vibe. Seek out original vintage pieces by venturing to thrift shops and auction houses. 

Yellow gold might not be en vogue in the twenty first century, but the 1970s were full of gold tie-pins, brooches, and detailing. Hark back to a vintage era by purchasing a pair of classic tan brogues to pair with your light gray suit. Formal vintage attire will empower you to hone a formal yet fashionable look.


To go with your new fashionista credentials, you need to enhance your image. Consider heading to an achingly cool place like Ted’s Grooming Room where you can enjoy the best of Turkish barbering, a cut throat shave or beard design, and an awesome new haircut. Don’t opt for a bog standard high street barbers and go the extra mile by securing the services of a fashionista like yourself who will understand what you say when you ask for a 1960s mod style cut. 

Barbers also provide male grooming services to enhance your facial features. Eyebrow threading, beard waxing, and full-on moisturizing will help you to look healthy, refreshed and ready to turn heads for all of the right reasons. You want to be noticed when you’ve overhauled your image so look after your face as much as your wardrobe.

Cargo Trousers

Ok, so these were never the most flattering or awe inspiring garments known to humankind, but they are making a comeback. They are part of a wider utilitarian trend and tap into the survivalist trend going on in wider society. Think Bear Grylls meets David Gandy. Pair your cargo trousers with some Converse sneakers and a white tee and you can pull off a great little casual look.


Too much leather can make you look like something out of a seedy sex shop, so you need to be careful of this material. Never don yourself head to toe in leather and use it on one garment to make your outfits look Grease-inspired. Leather biker jacks are very on trend at the moment, but can be individual enough to make it look as if you aren’t following the crowds. You might fancy the simple high waisted leather jacket complete with ribbed sleeves or you might prefer a jet black tassle laden jacket with double breast overlay. The possibilities are endless.

If you fancy going down the leather trouser route, make sure you opt for something loose rather than fitted and go matt. The patented leather can look more like PVC. If you need to shift a few pounds and don’t have the physique of an Adonis, the leather trousers might be one to give a miss.

Your style should express your personality. You need to feel confident, happy, and content with your style, your look, and your wardrobe. If you have lost your way a little in the style stakes, follow this guide to find your fashionista mojo once again.

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