Restoring a car? Here are some items you may want to consider

It doesn’t matter whether you own a classic car that you’re restoring or are planning to buy a vintage vehicle. There will be times where you wish to treat yourself to some useful, practical and just downright amazing items!

If you’d like to spend some cash and treat yourself, you might be wondering what to buy that’s related to your restoration or love of classic motors. The good news is this page will give you the inspiration you need! Check out these cool items for size:

Imperial Impact Socket Set

One of the biggest problems classic car owners face when restoring their vehicles is having the wrong tools for the job. As you can imagine, most vintage vehicles use fastenings measured in imperial sizes rather than metric.

Go into many car spares shops today and the dilemma you’ll find is most tools they sell only come in metric sizes. Having the right imperial sockets for the job, for example, will make your life so much easier.

But what’s even better is having imperial impact sockets to use with your impact gun! Plenty of places online sell imperial impact socket sets. What’s more, they don’t cost much more than the metric alternatives you’d find in car spares shops.

Historic Motor Racing Phone Case

You likely have a smartphone, and you probably use it when you’re working on your restoration project.

But, what happens if you accidentally drop it into the depths of your engine bay, for example? Or it gets dropped on the floor from your pocket when you’re working underneath your pride and joy?

It’s time to treat yourself to one of a selection of classic car phone cases. Doing so will protect your phone. Plus, you’ll have a tasteful vintage car photo printed in high quality on the back cover to reminisce over or to show off to other like-minded friends!

Premium-Quality Workshop Gloves

There’s nothing worse than getting your hands and fingers covered in oil, brake fluid, and general grime from your classic car. You might have used workshop gloves in the past, but gave up using them because you got fed up with your gloves ripping so easily.

Did you know there’s a practical solution to that problem? You can get yourself a few pairs of premium-quality workshop gloves! For a start, they are silicone and latex-free so won’t cause problems if you’ve got a skin condition.

Secondly, they are more forgiving – even if you keep catching them on shape edges or corners of parts. And last but not least, the best ones have ‘fish scales’ on the finger coverings – making them easier to grip things that might be coating in fluids or grease.

Classic Car Canvas Print

Lastly, if you’ve got a significant other, they’ll likely want a say in any redecorating you do in your home. But, the garage is your domain, and you can adorn its walls with some cool classic car canvas prints!

You can get canvas prints done in various sizes and in either portrait or landscape to suit your needs.

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