Joining the Post-Lockdown Minimalist Revolution

There are a lot of ways that the past three+ months in lockdown have changed how we see things. It’s changed how we work, it’s made a lot of us reconsider our commitment to a regenerating environment, and it has also changed how we see our possessions and past-times. 

How lockdown led a minimalist revolution

While many of us can’t wait to get out and experience the world as we used to, a lot of people have come to the realisation that they are not quite as dependent on “stuff” for their happiness as they might have been. Everyone has been buying less and, as a result, many have figured out that they’re quite happy that way. Not only that, but many have found that living “smaller” can actually be pretty freeing. As such, many are picking up a few minimalist habits, including the following.

Recontextualising the home

The first and easiest place to start minimizing is in your own home. Simply put, clutter is a disease to the home and one that can affect multiple areas of our life. Aside from making it more difficult to clean and maintain, it has been shown to increase stress and cause trouble sleeping. You can free up a lot more space by looking over your decor and getting rid of items that don’t serve enough of a purpose to justify their place, as well as knick-knacks that do not spark joy, as the minimalist icon Marie Kondo would put.

Streamlining your wardrobe

You can dress with less, as well. Of course, you don’t have to abandon fashion, but if you focus more on the actual form and look, rather than simply worrying about what labels you collect, you can enjoy a much more budget-friendly and easily organised collection of clothes. You can sell your Rolex, donate old clothes that you haven’t worn in over a year, and generally consider which outfits you really want to continue owning. It’s all too easy to end up with a plethora of accessories and garments that we don’t really need, so an annual tidy is a must.

Organizing your life

Minimalism is about cutting clutter in all parts of life, and that doesn’t just mean the physical space that is your home, too. Anyone who runs a household must have a space for their bills, receipts, and other important documents and records. However, rather than wasting a lot of space and resources on paper storage, you might want to look at digitising your documents instead. Take a look through your filing cabinet and start digitising and uploading your records to the Cloud. Some of them, such as birth certificates and deeds, you need to keep in physical form but most of them can be uploaded instead.

If you feel like the lockdown has helped you discover a minimalist side that you never knew existed before, then hopefully the tips above can help you keep up with those new habits. It’s better for the environment, better for your wallet, and might even be better for your mindset in the long-run.

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