Lockdown has helped wildlife, but how do we continue this?

During the COVID-19 lockdown, levels of CO2 emissions have reached a record drop across the globe. As a result, wildlife creatures have progressed towards the space we left empty when we parked our cars for almost two months. Wild mountain goats have come down into Welsh towns. People who live in busy cities have enjoyed for the first time listening to the songs of birds in the morning. Regardless of where you live, the lockdown has brought wildlife closer to your home. It’s a beautiful sight. Chances are you’re feeling inclined to do your bit to help the planet stay greener. 

However, we can’t keep people under lockdown forever. So what is the best course of action to ensure that the benefits from the lockdown don’t disappear as soon as the restrictions are relaxed? 

Is it time to change your car?

Most people can’t afford not to use a car. However, what you can do is consider how your car affects the environment. If you still own an old diesel engine, now’s the time to look for something that will create infinitely less fumes. An electric model, especially a new model such as the new Audi e-tron, can be a fantastic option. If you’re worried about financing your car, it can be worth checking available government grants. The government has created an entire scheme of financial support for individuals who want to buy or lease an electric vehicle, which can make the purchase more affordable. Additionally, you can also research additional financial aid to install a charging point at your home, for example. 

Can you stop driving altogether?

If you live in the middle of a big city, such as London, you may be considering further options to get rid of your vehicle altogether. Public transport is usually a great solution. However, in the current situation, public transport can be a source of contamination. You can, however, ask your employer if they support the bicycle scheme, which lets you buy a bike to get to work. If you’re worried about cycling on the road, you can join a group to get used to the cycling routes and tips in London. Cycling is an excellent fitness routine that can keep you fit and healthy while making the world a greener place. 

Reducing car fumes isn’t enough

Wildlife animals came closer to people during lockdown because nobody was driving. However, reducing driving isn’t enough to preserve the environment. During the lockdown, plastic pollution has increased dramatically with the disposal of masks and gloves into the oceans. Protecting wildlife requires a lot more than keeping your car off the road. It’s a decision that affects your everyday life. If you’re looking at ways of reducing your CO2, don’t let it distract you from other dangerous behaviours that can destroy wildlife. 

How can we protect wildlife when the lockdown is removed? It’s an impossible question to answer. Recent events have demonstrated that people are happy to make an effort when they can see a direct benefit from them. Not driving reduces health risk for individuals. However, many fail to care about the long-term benefits of a 100% environmentally-friendly attitude. The enemy of wildlife is not pollution but laziness when too many people can’t be bothered to care about the impact of their actions. 


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