The creative career changes that could be perfect for you

Do you think that you have a creative mindset? If so then you might want a career to match. Creatives aren’t usually fulfilled or comfortable in the typical business model. They are definitely not suited for repetitive tasks with no source of inspiration or innovation. So, what careers would be ideal for the creative mindset? Here are some of the possibilities that you should definitely keep in mind.

Be A Writer 

A lot of people think that the only career for a budding writer is to become an author. However, this is not the case. The reality is that there is a wide range of options for a writer eager to put their mark on the world. For instance, they can start copywriting. A well-paid job, this does provide a healthy option for creativity because the writing projects are often incredibly diverse. It’s also true to say that this is usually a freelance career rather than a full-time job which – no pun intended – provides a lot of freedom. 

You can of course set to work on your first feature novel. However, you will need to be prepared for the fact that the chances of making it big are somewhat akin to winning the lottery. Remember, J.K Rowling was blown away by the success of Harry Potter. 

Work As A Musician 

Is there any money or career benefits of becoming a musician? Aside from working to pursue your passion, there are definitely benefits here. You can, for instance, gain the same level of career independence as a writer. Don’t worry, you don’t be on the streets busking. There are numerous possibilities from becoming a DJ to teaching music or even, if you’re lucky and talented, playing professionally. You’ll find lots of resources online to help you with this path including free sample packs of music. With these, you’ll have the perfect recipe to create new sounds guaranteed to captivate an audience. 


Alternatively, you might want to think about entering into the marketing industry. Marketing is a fantastic choice for those with a creative flair because it will provide them with a way to bring new ideas to life. You will be able to manage and run entire campaigns, ensuring that they connect with an audience and deliver the results you want. 


Finally, you might want to think about working in the world of PR. Here you will rep a company and ensure that they are presented in the best possible light, particularly when stories about the brand appear in the media. 

To work in PR, you definitely need to be a people’s person. It’s important to ensure that you are approachable and that people understand what you are telling them. You need them to feel completely at ease with you around. 


We hope this helps you understand the best careers that could be absolutely perfect for the creative thinker. From writing the next great song to just writing in general, there is a massive range of different possibilities to explore here. 


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