Why men are less likely to ask for help when struggling

On the issue of understanding men, we are in a new dawn. Something has happened in society, whereby the shift is slowly going towards men and what it means to be ‘manly’. For many years society has been dominated by the topics covering issues around human behaviour in the workplace, relationships and what gender roles and identity are all about. Whether it’s purely an online phenomenon or not, we are seeing a marked change in the way we approach mental health and responsibilities regarding men. One of the most intriguing topics surrounds the fact that men are less likely to ask for help when they need it. Well here are some of the reasons for this.

Tough it out

From a very young age, boys are taught to be tough. It’s a big wide world out there and you need to be tough in order to not become overwhelmed by it. However, if we’re hurt or in pain, men are more likely to tough it out than ask for help, even when we’re older. It’s partly linked with our ego not allowing us to be beaten by an illness or injury, but also because we have experience of healing ourselves. Scraping our knees and getting lumps on our growing bodies was normal when we were kids. We played rough and we got a little scuffed up. We know certain techniques on how to help ourselves get better, such as pressure or compression wraps. Most men are also familiar with heat sprays or balms which we can place right at the point of pain. Men generally eat more meat than women, so this too gives us more protein needed to repair ripped muscles. If you’re one of the men who do tend to tough it out, these are the reasons why it comes naturally to you.

Keep calm and carry on

It’s common knowledge that women are more emotional than men. The reasons as to why this is are debatable but we also know that men are more likely to have the attitude of ‘keep calm and carry on’. But in this day and age, we sometimes turn to other coping mechanisms to remain calm. Not all of them are positive as substance abuse is quite common. If you find that whenever you’re in a sticky situation whereby you need to remain calm, you reach for the bottle, then you should see the benefits drug rehab can bring. They will instill a sense of remaining calm in you as their psychologists and behavioural experts will help you understand more about your mind. Group therapy is very effective because you’re discussing your concerns with people who are going through the same thing. If you would like to get back on track in your life, this is a great and honest way to repair your character.

Men are less likely to ask for help because we grow up with a sense of toughness. It can help and harm us in the long run because we know how to help ourselves physically get better, but not mentally.

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