What are the benefits of electric cars?

Electric cars are becoming more and more poor half in our towns and cities, and as we move towards environmental consciousness it seems likely that most of us will soon be using them. 

The use of electric cars has risen hugely in the last few years and some police forces even use these solely for their stations. De-dieselization and tighter CO2 laws have put pressure on manufacturers to develop electric vehicles as well as make the EV charger installation process easier for all. 

Today we want to talk about these amazing vehicles and how you can benefit from using one of these instead of a traditional fuel powered car this year. 


It might not seem like electricity would be cheaper, especially if you look at your electric bills every month… but compared to fuel it is much more cost effective. Fuel costs are always on the rise and as worldwide reserves continue to deplete, these prices will only continue to rise. By switching to an electric car you will save more money than you think! 

Cheaper to maintain

Electric vehicles are made with more cost effective parts; and as such they are easier for us to maintain and repair. 

Environmental impact 

The main reason why someone would choose to drive an electric car instead of a fuel powered one is the cost to the environment. Our planet is in deep need and with issues such as glacial melting and the Australian fires in recent months, it is more crucial than ever for us to be careful what we do to the atmosphere. The beauty of an electric vehicle is that it will produce a grand total of zero carbon emissions. You can drive safe in the knowledge that you have made a real difference to the carbon dioxide content in the air. 

Health benefits

One of the problems with driving a car powered by fuel is the air pollution it creates. If you suffer from a respiratory condition especially, you will see some great health improvements by switching. Instead of being in a vehicle that irritates the chest, you’ll be in a car that is clean. 

Safety improvements

Technology is a wonderful thing and over the years of our lives we have been able to see dramatic changes to the technology of our vehicles. We now have cars that help us park, reverse for us, and even drive themselves, and all of these features are ones you will find in an electric car. To make the switch and benefit from a ton of new safety features, an electric car is a great idea. 


As we know, the world can not provide us with oil and gas forever. And yes, this is absolutely the case. In the next hundred years we may not be able to provide enough fuel for our planet and as such this will have a huge impact on the cost of fuel and demand. To avoid missing out in this, change to electric and you’ll be able to always have access to your car. 

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