How to feel better about yourself in 2020

Global warming. It’s a hot topic at the moment, made even hotter by the bush fires still burning in Australia. The UK managed to lower its carbon emissions in 2019, only to off-set what, on the surface sounds like a positive news story, by becoming the biggest importer of carbon-producing goods, outstripping both the US and Japan, according to this article in the Guardian. So we need to step it up in terms of lowering our personal carbon emissions, as well as making impactful decisions about where we shop and the kind of energy we use. Below, you’ll find some ways you can reduce your carbon footprint that (hopefully) won’t have too much of a negative fallout for your everyday life.


We get it – having a car is not only convenient, but also necessary for many people. No judgement. But, if you do have to run a vehicle for whatever reason, we’re pretty sure that not only will you want to reduce the cost of buying a car, but also drive around knowing that you are contributing as little as possible to global warming. Looking into used cars from This means that the processes used to produce the steel, rubber, glass and other materials to make a car have already occurred, and you aren’t contributing to the problem by ordering a new vehicle. Running a car in as environmentally-friendly a way as possible relates more to the driver than the car, so look into how best to drive without leaving a huge carbon footprint behind you.

Sustainable Fashion 

Customers’ rapid consumption of clothing is one of the biggest contributing factors to carbon emissions and global warming. Much of this is down to the low cost of clothing from many high-street retailers, meaning that fashion has become disposable. The textile industry is the second greatest polluter of freshwater in the world. We aren’t saying you should wear your clothes until they’re falling apart on your back, but take responsibility for your decisions when it comes to clothing. Many high-street retailers (e.g. H&M) are now offering clothing recycling points for when your clothes are beyond wearing, and you can also donate items to charity shops if you no longer wear them but they’re still useable. Look into brands which are committed to lowering or eliminating their carbon footprint and shop there.

Have a Drink

The good news is that the brewing industry in the UK has reduced its carbon emissions by 42% and recovers 98% of its waste, according to studies. Breweries which make Carlsberg, Heineken and Adnams are leading the way in innovations which are designed to improve their environmental credentials and are working hard to ensure they are lowering their carbon footprint.

We’re living through a time where awareness is no longer enough, and we need to take action about the environment and our impact on it. By informing and educating yourself about the choices you make, you can have more of an effect than you might realise. So make 2020 your year for environmentally-conscious decisions. 

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