6 tips for starting your own business in 2020

Have you been dreaming of working for yourself? Is this going to be the year that you take the leap and start your own business? It is a brand new year, a brand new decade, perhaps it is time to take that chance? If you feel that running a business is for you, then here are our 6 tips for starting your own business in 2020. 

Fully develop your idea

Before you do anything, make sure that you fully develop your idea up front. 

There is a balance to find here, as you do not want to overthink everything to the extent that you are crippled with self-doubt and then fail to move forward. You want to move forwards with your idea, safe in the knowledge that you have a good plan and you have a clear direction. 

To do this, take your initial idea, develop your branding, create a marketing strategy, look into the practicalities and then work up a business plan with it.

Shop around 

Now that you know what you plan to do, it is time to begin shopping around for everything that you are going to need. 

Whether you are starting up a restaurant and are looking for top restaurant quality tablecloths or you are preparing to run an online business and need to source the very best domain and hosting costs, it pays to take the time to shop around. 

Along with looking at the best prices and costs, do check out reviews to ensure that you are going to be using reputable and reliable companies. If you can, use recommendations so that you can be confident that you can trust your new suppliers. 

Do not overlook the branding

Your business needs to resonate with others, it needs to appeal and reach out to them and ideally it will be memorable. The best way that you can do this is to ensure that you do not overlook the branding. 

Branding your business effectively is going to be key to your success and can help you to make a strong start. Work out what it is that you want your business to say to potential customers and clients, think about how you want it to make them feel and think about how to convey your mission and values within your branding.

You might use a certain tag line that sums it all up perfectly, or perhaps the name and logo itself will do that for you. The colours, fonts and designs that you opt to use will all be relevant as they will serve to create an instant impression on your customer.

Once you are clear on what you want to say and how, you might choose to get a designer involved to help you to convey it professionally. 

Create a website

Every business needs a website, and ideally one or two social media accounts running alongside it. As such, with the products and practicalities all in place and your artwork ready, you should sit down to create a website.

This should be a relatively simple process, but if this is really not your thing, there are plenty of web building tools you can use or you could look for a web designer to help you to do this. 

Get your domain name and then you can build your website. You will want a few pages of content, such as information about your business, products and services that you offer, a little about you, how to contact you and ideally a few testimonials to share. 

Get the word out

As soon as you have everything that you need in place to launch your business, you can start to get the word out.

Use your new website and social media accounts to start promoting what you do online, and ask any friends and family to help you to share the news. 

You might be able to get some local press coverage, flyers around your local area might help and be sure to look into any networking meetings. If you have premises, you could arrange a launch party, making lots of noise about it to attract plenty of people. 

Believe in yourself 

The greatest barrier to your new business succeeding is going to be you. Yes, you. You need to have confidence in yourself and believe passionately in your new business idea. 

Spend time going over everything with trusted and positive friends and family, and then use their support to bolster you. 

If you have followed the tips above, you will have thought everything through and are in a position to go for it, so believe in yourself. 


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