How to reduce the cost of buying a car

Buying a car is never cheap, no matter what the option, and you can expect to fork out a few thousand for a decent motor. However, there are ways that you can bring the cost down. So here are a few tips to reduce the cost of buying a car.

Go For A Used One

A new car is going to cost you a lot, and although they come with their advantages, not everyone can afford to buy a car when it’s brand new. If you’re not someone who has that kind of disposable income often, your money will be better spent on a used car. A used car doesn’t have to be one that’s years old, and if you’re lucky, you could end up with one that costs a lot less than what it was originally but has only been used for a year or so. Those who have the money to spend will be just fine with giving up a car that they may have spent thousands on because those individuals care a lot more about the vehicle and what they enjoy. So if you want to save some money, then buying a used one will certainly make the difference and bring the cost down.

Find Out What Finance Is Available

Sorting out finances for a car can come from a variety of options. You may already have savings available to help you pay for the car completely, but you might also want to consider getting finance on your car. With car finance, you can usually borrow money in the form of a loan, or you can make a deal with the car dealership that you will pay so much back per month. You may also have options where you lease the car, paying so much per month, and then eventually, you trade it in for something newer, just like you would with a mobile phone contract. It’s all about what works for you and what your financial situation looks like currently. There will always be options out there, should you need them.

Shop Around

Knowing what you want is important, and this should be something you really think about before you start spending money. Shopping around is where you’re looking for one thing in particular, but you’re going to a number of sources to see which one is the most affordable. As cars are commodities, they tend to vary in cost. Depending on where you shop will dictate on the type of deal you’ll get, and so it’s a good idea to look around for a while, even if you think you’ve found the best option. Look at for any sales or discount weekends that a dealership might offer, especially if it relates to the type of car you’re after. Set Google Alerts on your device to get notified on anything that comes up relating to the specific car you’re after if you know what you want.

Be Brave When Haggling

Haggling is something that not enough of us will do in our lifetime because we’re either too fearful of being rejected or we don’t think it polite. However, if you don’t ask, you don’t get, and you could be missing out on a serious deal. Have an idea in your head of how much you want to spend and look at the costs elsewhere. If you’re set on going with a particular dealership, then use other prices against them or put an offer on the table, leave your contact details, and walk away. Don’t let them back you into a corner and make you spend more than you want to. If the price you’re offering is something that they’re willing to gravitate towards, they’ll get in touch with you. Don’t show your bluff too soon and always be willing to haggle when you feel like you could get a better deal for your money.

Put On Your Best Behaviour

The world of sales is a competitive one, and ultimately, you’re the one as the customer who holds all the power. Therefore, when it comes to your conversations or meetings with the owner of the car or dealership, always be on your best behaviour. Try to keep a level head and a positive attitude towards whomever you’re talking to. The likelihood of them offering you a better deal will be strengthened if you’re nice back.

Use these tips to help reduce costs and to save yourself some money in the process. A car is much more enjoyable when you know you’ve got it for a bargain price.


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