Five Ways To Upgrade Your Life In 2020

We are almost in an entirely new decade now, with the Twenties just around the corner once more. The last time we had the ‘20s, there was the end of the Great War, the beginning of the world rebuilding itself, and we had the Charleston. This time? Well, we have a fractious world government, excellent technology and the ability to add baubles to our beards when we want to look festive. 

For most people, the New Year is a time to upgrade, to rebuild their lives and to be entirely new people with resolutions to back them up. For the rest, the new decade ahead is a little bit more than a fresh sheet of paper on which to doodle. It’s time to start from scratch and make it the new beginning they never had. It’s their time to upgrade their life.

With that in mind, how do you plan to start this new decade? Do you plan to go in with the same old habits, or are you going to apply the five upgrades below into your life?

Upgrade Your…Relationship

This isn’t just about your spouse or your live-in partner. You have relationships with your family, friends, colleagues and mentors, and these relationships all need your attention and your time. You need to look at the good and bad and decide which ones you’re going to leave behind in 2019. 2020 does not require negativity to be brought into it, and you can make the decision to take back the power and move on. Leave relationships that bring you no value back in 2019 and look to upgrade and evolve the good ones in 2020.

Upgrade Your…Mood

How many times do you grind your teeth in the day? Do you go and get in the car and remember it’s not working in the way it should, or not the model or brand you wanted? Does it affect your mood that you’re not having a great day in the car of your dreams? Well, in 2020 it’s time to leave this thinking behind! Choose to upgrade your mood by making plans to better the things that are leaving you feeling unhappy and unsatisfied. Once you have done this, you can start moving toward a mood that keeps you feeling up and not down. 

Upgrade Your…Car

Okay, so this may not be as life-affirming as the other suggestions but it is, trust me. Your car doesn’t just get you from A to B; your car is the freedom you have on the road. Except you can’t do much with your freedom if you are dealing with wheels that have a corroded alloy, can you? Get your car upgraded to the latest model and make 2020 your chance to take a roadtrip with a car that is safe and ready to use!

Upgrade Your…Adventures

And off the back of that last suggestion, why not make some bigger and better decisions? Adventures are there to be had, but you can only have them if you are equipped with enough and with the right car and mood, you can do it! Whether you go on travel adventures or you take a step toward a better education, make it something that will enhance your life!

Upgrade Your…Health

Look at your lifestyle and start noticing how you are living it. Are you eating well? Are you exercising enough? Do you do enough self-care things to make your life a balanced one? 2020 is your year. Take control and make a choice. Put in some limits and give yourself some time to upgrade from couch potato to running rabbit. You deserve it.

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