7 Ways Self Conscious Men Can Improve Their Confidence Today

If you feel self conscious, it probably impacts your everyday life in one way or another. Perhaps you find yourself avoiding eye contact, or even avoiding speaking to people all together. Perhaps you turn down social invitations, and you know you’re missing out on life simply because you don’t feel good about yourself. You might even feel worse because perhaps many of your friends are confident, and you beat yourself up wondering why you can’t be more like them. 

You can become more confident over time, this is just something that you’re going to have to work on with consistency. Below, you’ll find 7 ways self conscious men can improve their confidence today: 

1. Work On Your Strength

Start by working on your strength. This is in no way telling you to build muscles or get ripped – how you look doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with confidence. That being said, being physically strong can also help you to feel mentally strong, as well as more able to take on things life throws at you. If you begin to work on your strength, you might just feel better in everyday life. Lift weights and eat well regularly and see what happens. Training can do so much for your health and self esteem. 

2. Stand Taller

Your posture is also something you can work on that can help you to feel more confident in a flash. Pull your shoulders back and walk with your chin up and eyes ahead. This can make such a difference to your mindset in a matter of minutes. However, it’s something you’ll need to remind yourself to do if you’re not used to it. 

3. Look Inward

It could be time to look inward and figure out what it is that’s really making you insecure. Is it because you were treated poorly when you were younger? Have you been in an abusive relationship? Maybe you simply have a harsh inner critic? Whatever it is, figure out what your internal beliefs about yourself are, where they come from, and why they may not be true. It’s time to change your mindset. 

4. Keep It Clean

Make sure you focus on your hygiene – you might not think you smell, but you wouldn’t necessarily notice as much as somebody else. Shower every day and always wear deodorant. Brush your teeth twice a day and freshen up throughout the day too. It’s only polite, and people will always respond to you better. 

5. Present Yourself In A Way That Makes You Feel Good 

Looks aren’t everything, but you should be able to present yourself in a way that makes you feel good. You could look at KSL Clinic Twitter if you are curious about hair grafts, or you could ask somebody you trust to help you overhaul your wardrobe. Treat yourself. 

6. Read More

Read more and educate yourself on important matters. Form an opinion. Get passionate about something! 

7. Develop Hobbies 

Hobbies are a great way to have fun and release stress. Perhaps you could paint or play a sport. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it. You might just make amazing friends, and you’ll feel like part of a community! 

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