Hobbies that are good for your health

Have you ever found yourself in that awkward situation where someone asks you what your hobbies are, and you suddenly realise you don’t have any? It’s easy to get into a rut of ‘work, eat, sleep, repeat’, so activities that are enjoyable are important for your limited free time. Here are some hobbies that are worth trying as they’re good for your health in different ways. 

Active hobbies

We all know the importance of physical activity, and in a world where most of us have sedentary jobs, it can be difficult to get in as much as we should. So a hobby that keeps you fit while still being fun is the ideal situation, you’re not focusing on the good it’s doing your body as you’re too busy having a good time. Examples of physical hobbies could be sports like football, basketball or hockey, you get to socialise with other people on the team and a friendly bit of competition. It could be a sport played against a partner such as tennis, squash or badminton. You could go swimming, to a dance class, to yoga groups or even something like trampolining. Hitting the gym or going running before work isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, and if that’s the case for you then a hobby that keeps you fit is a much better option. Even things like walking and gardening burn calories and tone up your body, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something you’d get geared up in sportswear for. 

Creative hobbies

Expressing yourself and getting creative is great for your mental health. Most of us work jobs and have commitments that we have to get through each day that are very structured and really limit our creativity. To get around this, there are lots of creative hobbies that can fill your free time and are great for your brain. If you’re a fan of music you could have a go at making your own on some software, companies like Pure Music Manufacturing could put your tunes onto CDs for you. If you’re a fan of art you could try painting, drawing or digital design. You could knit, make candles, make jewellery or bake. The list is endless!

Relaxing hobbies

A hobby doesn’t always have to be productive. You don’t always have to be building skills or working on a project with an end result, sometimes it can just be about having fun and relaxing. Gaming is one way to stay busy and can occupy your mind if you’re feeling a little stressed. You could read, complete puzzles or just throw yourself into a season of Netflix. Of course, everything in moderation but relaxation is so important. Sometimes, sitting on the sofa and not doing a whole lot is just what you need when you’re exhausted from work or reaching burnout. Have some quiet ‘rainy day’ or inactive hobbies on hand for times when you feel like this. 


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