5 online services you didn’t know existed

The internet allows us to speak to people instantly on the other side of the world, send documents and pictures within seconds and find out information on obscure subjects at the click of a button. So, really there shouldn’t be anything that surprises you that you can do online, the only thing is you just might not know about it. Have a look at this list to see if there’s anything you could be benefitting from by saving time, money and effort. 

Find Your Ring Size

This sounds like something you surely can’t do online, but why not? With all the other things you can do online, then actually just finding your ring size is a fairly simple task in comparison. Not many people know their ring size, and even if they know the size for one finger, it’s highly doubtful that they know any of the other nine. You can, of course, buy rings online, so knowing what size to get without trying them on was almost impossible, and then FindMyRingSize.com came along. This is a site which helps you to work out the size you need using your driver’s license or a credit card and another ring for comparison. If you don’t have another ring, there is also a virtual ruler which can help you. 

Speed Up Your Driving Test

How annoying is it when you’re ready to take your driving test and then find out that there’s a three-month wait before you can? Or when you have just failed, but you want to go again, you can now go online to a site called Find Me a Driving Test who will find you a driving test cancellation and get you in asap. 

Eye Test

If you’re having difficulty seeing, then it is very important to see a professional. However, if you have just noticed a couple of changes or feel like you see things a little differently, then you can take an eye test online to see what the results say. There are plenty of sites you can do this on and plenty of different tests you can take too. 

Find the Seat Map of Any Flight on Any Airline

While it’s usually easy to find the seat map for your flight on the airline’s website, did you know that you can go to just one website and find them all? On SeatGuru, you can type in the airline and flight number and there it is. It can help you to decide where to sit, especially if you look at the comments because people will let you know if there are drawbacks to a particular seat and find out about legroom and armrests. 

Design and Print Your Own 3D Inventions

Since 3D printers came into existence, they have evolved and now mean you can pretty much make anything with them. Not only are there designs you can already get, but there are also sites which help you bring your own 3D ideas into reality. If you already have a design, you can upload it, and they will print it out for you.

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