The Activities That’ll Bring Freelancers Closer

Living the freelance career life can be hard. It’s mostly due to how lonely it can be. You’re working on your own most of the time, and even when you’re collaborating with someone, they’ll be on the other side of a screen. You might see their face, and hear their voice, but they’re not in the room with you, and there’s no guarantee it’ll turn into an ongoing working relationship either. 

You call all of the shots yourself. You handle your own money. You reach out time and time again to people who might be in need of your services, with no guarantee what answer will await you. You have to deal with acceptances and rejections alike, with little to no support, and who knows how well you’ll handle things when you’re just starting out! 

It’s a challenging career path, but of course, that doesn’t have to mean it’s not worthy one. After all, there are some ways you can broaden your horizons, and make some connections that’ll be long lasting and totally fulfilling. And if you need a bit of inspiration, feel free to read on. 

Get Together on Social Media

Social media is a wonderful place to start networking, even in an informal and casual manner. You don’t have to hop on LinkedIn and hope to find at least three amazing working relationships by the end of that same day; instead, you could just go on facebook, and search for a group made for freelancers like you. 

Ask to join it and find yourself surrounded by people who are in the same boat as you, looking for feedback and support in a remote career, and structure a support network you’ve needed from the beginning. It really can be that simple. 

Of course, it might take some time to find your feet, and be confident enough to speak up, but there’s no harm in fading into the background for now. Learn how the group works, interact on other peoples’ posts, and then make some of your own. 

And if you don’t manage to find a group that works right for you, why not start one of your own? Ping out some emails to bloggers you know of, and other freelancers you may have already connected with, and see if they’re up to joining a social group that allows you to mingle together with common interests in mind. 

Coworking Spaces Work Well

If social media is something you’ve tried, and it still isn’t enough for you, you can always look into renting out a coworking space. These exist across the world, and you can guarantee there’s going to be one near you – you’re probably not the only freelancer in your area! And if this idea somehow manages to fail you, there’s always a chance to start up a space of your own. if the nearest big city is still a little too far out of your commuting range. 

Coworking is a great way to meet freelancers from all walks of life, and from a variety of different sectors. If you’re a writer, use a coworking space to connect with freelance artists or graphic designers, as well as marketers and social media managers. They could all be a part of your network one day, and what better space to build that than in an office setting that’s designed to get all of you talking and interacting with each other. 

Plan Something Fun

And finally, make sure that once you do build a sort of network, you get together and do something fun every once in a while. You’re not just working professionals who rub along well together, you’re a sociable creatures who want to get to know each other better, so why not use a physical or fun activity to break the ice in more ways than one? 

Even a spot of paintballing would work great here! It’s fun, it’s out there, and it’s definitely going to make sure you’re working as a team, based on how the game is setup. Tactically deciding how to use the limited amount of smoke bombs you’ve been allocated is a surefire way to impress! Not to mention what you could write/paint/record and edit together after the event is over – it’s a great way to drum up some more content for your freelancing career. 

Bringing freelancers closer together is certainly a task for the modern age. Working from home is popular, so there’s no shortage of participants out there!

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