How to take care of your car during the summer months

Most people struggle with their car maintenance in the winter, but the summer can throw up a myriad of problems too. Keeping you and your family safe is likely number one on your list. Summer is a time of relaxation and holidays. A lot of people use their cars for long journeys, usually traveling at high speeds on motorways. It’s here you need to make sure they’re safe and working. Not always possible. It’s likely you’re not a mechanic and won’t be able to spot the deep lying issues but simple steps can go a long way in making sure your car is as safe as possible throughout the summer, leaving you free to properly enjoy it.

Keep it Cool

Depending on your geographical location it’s likely it gets pretty on in the summer. Especially with climate change on the horizon with a lot of places getting hotter each year. Your coolant keeps the car from overheating, so make sure it’s topped up before any long trips. If you wanted to upgrade your car performance wise to ensure you get the best out of it all year around then have a look at Czok. Better parts mean better performance in the long run. If you live somewhere supper hot then your best option may be having a tinker in the engine and swapping certain parts out for better more durable ones. Your mechanic will be able to help here, unless you’re a dab hand yourself of course.

Charge Up

Make sure you charge your air-con. If your car is over six years old you’ll want a top up. You may think you don’t need it, but wait until you feel how good it is once its been charged. A lot of garages these days offer deals on air con charging. You can get a good deal if you go in Spring or Autumn. Sometimes you can get it thrown in with a car servicing if you’re savvy enough to try a slight haggle.

Filter The Rubbish

Your air filter takes a beating over the summer. Even more so if you live somewhere with a lot of hard packed dirt roads. When the sun bakes the ground it can cause a fine film of powdery earth to whip up in the wind. This is absorbed into your car and through your exhaust system, potentially causing problems like blockages. Your car needs air to work properly and if it isn’t getting air it can be catastrophic. Changing out the air filter can do the trick. It might get picked up in your annual service but if you’ve skipped out on this or aren’t sure if it was included you may want to get it replaced early to mid summer.

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Don’t Let The Blades Slow You Down

Summer rains are prevalent in a lot of places. This mixed with the odd heatwave can make for a streaky, dirty water which can completely obscure your view as your hurtling down the road. Not ideal. Make sure you have quality blades installed which won’t make things worse by further spreading the dirt and smearing it over the windscreen. A quality set of wiper blades will clear, not spread.

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