Health procedures you might want or need to consider

There are certain health procedures that the majority of us undergo at some point or another. We all have to attend the dentist at least once a year and many of us will end up having some sort of filling, root canal, or extraction at some point down the line. We all also need to check in for eye tests and hearing tests. But there are certain treatments and procedures that are specific to men. We tend to talk about these less, but they are equally important as any other issue. So, let’s take a moment to look at a couple.


If you’re sexually active, you should have considered contraception. We’re all familiar with condoms, but there are other options out there for men. You needn’t place the entire responsibility of contraception in your partner’s hands. You could always have a vasectomy carried out. There are generally two types of vasectomy that you can have – they are open vasectomies and closed vasectomies. Let’s take a moment to differentiate between the two.


  • Open Vasectomy – in an open the end of the vas deferens that is connected to the testicle is left open. This lets sperm escape into the intra-scrotal space. Because the end connecting to the prostate gland is then permanently closed, the sperm die and are reabsorbed into the body.



  • Closed Vasectomy – during a closed vasectomy, the two ends of the vas deferens are sealed. It’s as straightforward as that.


It’s important to think about various factors when it comes to having a vasectomy carried out. These could include information regarding potential reversal and vasectomy cost. It’s definitely not something to dive into with little thought, but it could be a viable option for you and your lifestyle!

Prostate Exams

It’s a sad fact that around one in every seven men will receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer within their lives. It’s surprising that such a common condition is so little spoken about! 

It’s absolutely essential that you attend prostate exams as recommended by your doctor. Attending an exam raises an opportunity to identify any early signs of this illness and can give you much better chances of overcoming the disease than if it is left undiagnosed for a period of time. First exams usually get booked in around the age of 50. If you’ve reached this age and haven’t had one yet, make sure to phone your surgery and make an appointment with your doctor. The screening itself takes place in a discreet and confidential environment. It’s painless and doesn’t take too long at all!

These are just two procedures that are unique to men. Sure, they might not be the most interesting thing to think about or schedule into your life, but they could prove extremely important. So, don’t be afraid to talk about them and make sure you give them significant consideration should they apply to you.

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