Exercise for everyone

There are just some sports that are tougher on you than others and whether you’re happier strolling around a fairway or in the thick of a scrum, as we get older our bodies feel the knocks more and more. That easy swing to hole nine now leads to some sharp pain in your side, while what was once a tackle you could brush off becomes a full scale assault.

That doesn’t mean you have to give up doing the sports you love it just means you have to look after yourself better off the pitch as well as on it. In this blog we take a look at how you can support your body as you age and carry on doing the sports that make you feel great.

Think Outside The Box

You might have your favourite, go-to exercise but as you get older your body might need a little more TLC and some exercises that fall outside your usual routine.

If bending down to pull your football socks on is a workout in itself, then why not give Pilates a try. It can help you feel looser, stretch tight muscles and strengthen your core, all of which are vital for maintaining flexibility and strength.

If you’re feeling particularly brave then head down to a Pilates class but if it’s something you’d rather try in the comfort of your own living room, then hit up YouTube for some Pilates videos.

Hit The Weights

Even if you prefer your sport quite gentle, there is always room in your life for some strength training. If you’re a runner starting to feel the effects of pounding away on pavement all those years then some weight-based exercises to strengthen the muscles around your knee can go a long way in making running feel easier again and staving off more injury. If you do have a recurring niggle like runner’s knee, then it’s always a good idea to get a physiotherapy appointment and have a professional check you over. They will also be able to help you with injury-specific exercises and stretching to alleviate the problem.

Staying injury-free and keeping your body in tip-top shape gets more of a challenge as we age but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t push ourselves to take on new challenges. Quite the opposite, our fit and healthy bodies are capable of taking on something new and fresh with gusto, whether that’s stretching it out at Pilates or beginning a weight training programme that helps build body mass little by little.

Do something different, but do something that supports your body and helps iron out those weaknesses that may have built up over the years. Consider changing up your diet, even just a little to complete the bigger picture and start pulling personal bests out of the bag.

See where your next fitness challenge is going to take you and start building up your strength and endurance to put in great performances today and a healthier future tomorrow.

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