How to improve your knowledge on sport

When you’re down at the bar, pub or other drinking establishment with your pals, and the inevitable topic of football crops up, you may find yourself shrinking into your seat. Football tends to be the subject that men should have some knowledge of. Society tends to judge the bravado and machismo of a guy by the football team they support and whether they have a season ticket. However, not all men have a fondness for the beautiful game. In fact, many despise it! When you’re next down at the pub, don’t feel like you have to make your excuses to pop to the toilet when your mates start talking about the offside rule. Use these nifty techniques to fake your footy knowledge.

Get Online

There’s no better source of knowledge for the beautiful game than online. The chances are that your pals will know that you’re not overly enamoured with football anyway, but it’s always good to make some sort of effort. Head onto a sports news website or two and take a look at the latest results if nothing else. While you might not know the players and rules inside out, you can keep abreast of transfer news and the league table. It shows a level of thought when you have made an effort to get yourself clued up about a topic that you have very little interest in. When online, you can even check out the latest Free Bets websites. Loads of your pals probably have the odd flutter or two on their team’s matches, so inspire them with the new customer options at online bookies.

Watch The Game

Forget watching a game down at the pub, it’s time to head to an actual stadium to watch a real life match. It’s here that you will get to experience the atmosphere of a live game. The chants, the cheers, the passion and the skills shown by the players are best experienced from the stands. Get chatting to the people next to you, ask about the players, the manager and the rules. They’ll love nothing more than regaling you about their beloved team and the tactics they need to employ in order to leap up the table.

You Could Be Honest

If faking it seems like digging yourself into an even deeper hole, why not be honest with your pals. If you’re more into golf than goals or you’d rather be spending your weekends watching your cake baking than watching eleven men running around a pitch, then tell your friends. The chances are that they will respect your honesty. This doesn’t mean you can’t head to the pub with your mates, or you can’t try and get involved in the footy chat, but don’t be surprised if your lack of football prowess becomes a bit of a running joke. You never know, your pals might take a keen interest in your golfing handicap or your latest recipe.

While you could choose to fake it, and fake it well, you can go for the honesty option too. The choice is yours. Just make sure that you utilise this guide to help make your time down at the pub with your pals a little easier to bare.

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