6 common driving mistakes you need to avoid

Contrary to popular belief, passing your driving test doesn’t mean that you’re a perfect driver. Whether you’ve been on the road for years or have just taken off your L plates, every driver makes mistakes now and then. While some of these will cost you nothing more than the beep of a horn and a dirty look from others on the road, many of them can damage your car, your perfect driving record, and even your health. Here are six common driving mistakes you should avoid.

Using The Wrong Fuel

Many drivers opt to use premium fuel in hopes that it will improve their car’s performance. However, unless your car specifies the need for this pricier option, it’s going to make very little difference. In fact, it could even cause your vehicle to run incorrectly. With that in mind, it’s always best to go with the octane that your car manufacturer recommends that you use.

Ignoring The Tyre Pressure

It doesn’t matter whether or not you have an indicator light for tyre pressure on your dashboard; you still need to check it on a regular basis. This is especially important after significant weather changes or before any long journeys. As well as helping to avoid dangerous blowouts and loss of control, this crucial maintenance task can improve fuel efficiency, saving you money on gas.

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Thinking You Can Drink

The dangers of drink driving are constantly expressed, but that doesn’t stop the thousands of drivers that get behind the wheel after ingesting alcohol. Instead of putting yourself and others at risk, you should call a taxi or, if you’re on a night out, arrange for a minicab to drive you around. If you’re caught drink driving, or, worse still, hurt someone, the repercussions just won’t be worth it.

Accelerating At Yellow Lights

Everyone knows that a yellow light signals you to slow down in preparation for the red stop light. That being said, many drivers do the opposite and instead accelerate so as to avoid being held up. Unfortunately, it’s this action that results in many intersection collisions, causing costly damage and serious injuries. To prevent this, you just need to follow the rules of the road.

Sitting Too Far Back

Positioning your seat far back from the wheel does give you more leg room, making driving a more comfortable experience. However, it’s also quite dangerous. When you’re so far away, it can cause delayed reaction times, as well as a lack of control. This means that, if a sudden issue appeared on the road, you’re a lot more likely to hurt yourself or someone else.

Letting Yourself Get Distracted

Even if you put your phone away when you get behind the wheel, there are plenty of other things that could distract you, increasing your likelihood of being in a car accident. These include in-car technologies, like SatNavs, food, and drink, and even your passengers. All of these distractions could potentially result in a crash, so it’s vital that you give the road your full attention.

No driver is perfect, but, by avoiding the mistakes above, you will be one step closer.

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