Driving home a bargain

That flashing red light on the dashboard, it’s not going to stop is it? As much as you love your car, the stark reality is that it’s probably going to cost more to repair it than it’s actually worth. And when you commute daily to work and back, you need something that isn’t going to let you down and leave you stranded at the side of the road.

You need to face up to the fact that it’s time to buy a new car. But how to go about it? Do you go and talk to the sales team at your local dealership or trawl the second-hand websites finding something a little cheaper? It’s a tricky decision and ultimately boils down to cost, so take a look at your finances and see if makes sense to look into a £10,000 loan from Evolution Money.

Here we take a look at the pros and cons of buying privately and from a dealership to help you decide where your next vehicle will come from.


As mentioned, you’re basically looking at a cost saving here. Cutting out the middleman can get you the same car for often a fraction of the cost and have you driving away with a bargain.

Naturally the downside is that you have zero comeback if the car turns out to be not everything it looks like and has some serious flaws. You’re buying as seen and this comes with no warranty or recourse.

The way to get around this is to take someone with you who knows about cars. Hire a mechanic for an afternoon to test a few out and get an honest opinion on what’s under the hood, what’s a real bargain and what’s best to walk away from, fast.


While no one enjoys the hard sell you get from a dealership there are other issues too that crop up. Your sales person will work hard to get you agree to added extras and push for you to spend more and more on features such as electric windows and heated seats, where that might be far from a priority for you.

The plus side are the guarantees you get and the fact that you know the car has been checked over for any faults or issues. On occasion you might also get some great extras thrown in such as some free insurance cover for a year or servicing for six months.

If you’re prepared to shop around and either use your own or someone else’s expert car knowledge, then chances are you’ll find everything you need in the private sector. If you’re looking for guarantees and the chance to add some specifications, then the forecourt is probably where you’re heading. Either way, make sure you go into negotiations with your top line and don’t deviate away from that figure. Resist the hard sell and aim to drive away with a car that’s safe, reliable and will make your daily commute a pleasure with no fear of the red light.

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