6 health mistakes you don’t want to make

You may exercise every day, eat your greens, and drink plenty of water, but that doesn’t mean that you’re the healthiest version of yourself that you can be. Every single thing that you do throughout the day is an opportunity to do good for your mind and body or ruin the progress that you’ve made. This means that, even if you’re especially health conscious, you could still be doing some damage. With that in mind, here are six health mistakes that you don’t want to make.

Hitting The Snooze Button

We all know that too little sleep can negatively impact our physical and mental health. However, that doesn’t mean that you should sleep in every morning either. Hitting your snooze button, rather than getting up on time, can affect your sleep cycle, leaving you feeling even more tired than you usually would. Because of this, you should sleep and wake up the same time each day.

Using Devices All Day

Technology has taken over the world in the past decade or two, to the point where it’s no longer possible to go anywhere without seeing a screen of some kind. What many don’t realise is the harm that it can do. Whether it be a phone, television, or another device, spending too much time with tech can make it harder to sleep and put you at risk of serious health issues.

Carrying A Heavy Bag

From the moment we start school, we become used to lugging around large bags stuffed with everything we might need for the day ahead. Unfortunately, carrying something this heavy around with you can lead to all sorts of health issues, from minor backache to arthritis. To prevent this, you should switch to a smaller bag containing only the absolute essentials.

Drinking More Than Recommended

The government gives you alcohol guidelines for a very good reason – Drinking any more than recommended can be really harmful and put you at serious risk. If you’re struggling to limit your drinking, then you may need to speak to a professional, who could recommend an alcohol rehab centre. Don’t think that you can save up your units, as binge drinking has even worse effects.

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Neglecting To Wear Sunscreen

Summer may be a while off yet, but you should still wear sunscreen every time you leave the house. Even on the darkest and coldest of days, the sun’s rays can damage your skin. Without the protection of sunscreen, you could develop skin cancer as a result. At the very least, you should ensure that you wear an SPF primer, BB cream, or foundation every day.

Ignoring Symptoms You Shouldn’t

Although you needn’t visit the doctor for every cough or headache, you certainly shouldn’t ignore all of the symptoms you have either. Strange moles, lumps, and bumps may not seem like anything to worry about, but they can be a sign of a serious illness. If you think that anything could be wrong, it’s always better to be safe and book an appointment with your doctor.

To stay in tip-top condition, make sure that you avoid the health mistakes above.

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