Get into shape with these 3 tips

You can see them out of your window. Those people adorned in purple tracksuits (other colours are available) , Fitbits strapped around their wrists, water bottles to hand, running past your home with grit and determination. You watch, admire their slim physiques, and wish you could have bodies like theirs. You then go back to that bowl of crisps comfortably nestled on your lap, that glass of beer by your side, and whatever it is you are watching on the television. You like the idea of a healthier lifestyle, but darn it, for you, it is too much effort!

But here’s the thing. While getting into shape does take some effort, you don’t necessarily need to run a mile a day, go to the gym, or make massive lifestyle changes. If you are on the… shall we say… lazier side, there are some simple things you can do to get in better shape.

Enrol yourself onto a weight-loss program. We are telling you to do this because you will be given guided advice. Especially if you need that kick up the proverbial backside, registering with Skinny Revolution or similar will give you a course of action to improve the way you look and feel. But don’t expect endurance obstacle courses or crash diets, as such programs are tailored to your needs and at your pace. With 15-minute exercise routines and healthy meals delivered to your door (check the previous link), you won’t have to exert yourself too much in your effort to get into shape.

Take part in fun activities. Many people give up on the idea of exercise because they see it as a chore. Running, going to the gym, and lifting weights doesn’t appeal to all of us. But there are all kinds of activities to get into that are suited for the couch potatoes among us. Getting outside into your garden is useful, as according to this article, gardening is good for toning your body and burning your calories. There are also games you can play, from motion-controlled sports and dance games for anybody still in possession of a Nintendo console or the Xbox-Kinect, to VR-fitness games for anybody in possession of the latest tech. And you might also go for a gentle bike ride around the park, walk your dog, dance in your living room, play frisbee with your kids, as other examples of fun but fitness-beneficial activities.

Work out in your living room. To get into shape, you don’t even need to leave your house. While you watch those exhausted joggers battling the elements indoors, you could be taking part in one of these exercises you can do from your sofa, or watching your television from the relative comfort of an exercise bike. You might also get yourself an exercise mat, and practice your press-ups and sit-ups on the floor, or put on your music playlist and rock your body to your favourite tunes. Pace yourself, starting slowly, and then exert yourself into longer and more intensive routines when you feel ready to do so.

You need to get fit; it’s a no-brainer! If your lifestyle does resemble that of a couch potato, follow the suggestions we have given you in this article. You won’t need to break too much of a sweat, and you will start to look and feel better than you might do at the moment. Let us know what you think, and share any further ideas you might have with us.


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