Why it’s ok to take things at your own pace

Everyone is expected to reach certain milestones, right from the moment you’re born. You’re expected to be crawling, talking, walking, and doing all manor of things by the time you’re a certain age. It varies for different children, but there’s usually something to be worried about if kids are super late to some of their milestones. But the pressure is something we don’t feel at that age… because we are so young. But that doesn’t mean that as we get older, we never feel the pressure. As we start to really understand what life is all about, we can’t help but feel like the forces of the world are pushing us towards certain milestones that we are expected to make. If not, you can’t help but also feel a massive sense of judgement from the people around you. So, we think we know a few areas that people might be a little late to the milestone party, and how you can catch up!

Everyone Expects You To Drive

Probably the first milestone you can reach aside from getting a small part time job, is the driving milestone. Now this is something that everyone expects you to reach, because there’s only so long that people will give you a lift without complaining that you need to drive. Fear not, however. Booking a driving lesson is so easy, and there will no doubt be so many people in your area that will be able to show you the ropes. You just have to be confident in the skills you have, and take your time with it all. It’s so easy to think that you’re never going to pass purely because you don’t master things on the first go. Find a good driving instructor, take your time, and enjoy the process of learning to drive before you’re out there paying your way on the roads….which becomes super expensive.

The Whole Relationship Fiasco

Now isn’t this one that your parents like to pester you about. And if it isn’t your parents that are pestering you, it’s your grandparents, or your friends who have got themselves into a relationship. With this one, time really is your best friend. Some people just don’t settle because the single life is so much easier, or because they’ve never found ‘the one’. If you’re happy being single, carry on that way! Don’t let the milestone pressure force you into something you don’t want. If you are ready, take the plunge into dating sites and see what you can find!

God Forbid You Don’t Have A Mortgage!

Getting a mortgage is hard, end of. You have to save for a deposit, to furnish the house, to pay for all of the legal fees, and anything else associated with moving out. Which is why we don’t think you should rush. But if you do feel like you’re being pressured into it, the best way to save is to put 20% of your monthly paycheck into a savings pot, and anything else you have left over at the end of the month. It will all start adding up, and you’ll feel so much more ready to move out. Only move when you have more than enough as well, not just enough.

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