Car Improvement: Powder Coating

If you have grown a bit tired of your vehicle, there is no need to splash the cash on a new one, as all you really need is a bit of refurbishment. The transformation of your alloy wheels can make a massive difference, especially with the array of design options that are available nowadays. However, to give your alloys the makeover you desire, you need to consider your options carefully, and one key decision is whether to go for paint or powder coating. In this post, we will reveal the benefits associated with powder coating.

When it comes to alloy wheel refurbishment, whether it is Ispiri Alloy wheels or any other wheels, there are those who want a sleek, simple design, such as fresh black alloys, whereas others want something completely out-of-the-box, from metallic and illuminous shades to graffiti designs. No matter your wants, you will have no trouble achieving them, as there is a huge assortment of colours and finishes available when you opt for powder coating. Moreover, the auto technological advances that have been made in this dry processing painting technique over the years have resulted in exceptional performance properties.

It is certainly not all about appearance when it comes to powder coating, as you can expect to reap the rewards of incredible quality and durability. Powder coating products are more resistant to the impact of extreme weather conditions, ultraviolet light, chemicals, moisture, and such likes. Consequently, you have less chance of your alloys suffering from wear issues, such as fading, corrosion, abrasions, chipping, and scratches. Aside from this, powder coating tends to produce a coating that is twice as thick as standard paint. It also has the ability to yield and bend with the material it is applied to, and this flexibility proves to be extremely beneficial for alloys because there are a lot of vibrations and movements.

In addition to the points that have been mentioned, another reason why powder coating is ideal for wheel refurbishment is that it is an environmentally friendly process, and thus you can be confident that there is a reduced impact on the planet. There are many reasons why this is the case. One reason is that there is no presence of VOCs or solvents, which ensures no damage during the application process. Moreover, waste can be disposed of in a landfill and it is not hazardous. As a contrast, there are many harmful chemicals contained within wet paints, which have been proven to produce hazardous waste and deplete the ozone.


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