Simple changes for a healthier you

January and February are always months of the year where we are all super motivated to get healthy and get rid of the weight we put on over the festive period. However sometimes it can be hard to change our old habits and often we fall back into the same patterns as swiftly as we let them go. Here are some simple small ways to keep yourself healthy today which you can bring into your routine each and every day.

Filter water

Water is hugely important when you are trying to be more healthy and the first thing you will want to do in the new year is get yourself a litre water bottle and make sure to have two of these every single day. Aside from this though you can take your water drinking to the next lovely and use a portable water filter bottle to filter your water. The reason we filter water is to get rid of any minerals and salt inside which might have an adverse effect on our body. Be sure to always filter your water and carry this around for a healthy day.

Add lemon to your drink

One way to change up your morning routine and make your gut extremely happy is to swap your plain cold water for warm lemon water. Lemons have lots of amazing properties such as vitamin C, citric acid and minerals which keep the body clean and happy. If you drink a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning it will cleanse your body and kick start your metabolism for the day too. It is a great thing to drink and you can add lemon to your tea, juice and water throughout the day.

Snack on nuts, not sweets

The main place that many of us trip up with our healthy eating is when we are at work and we need a snack. Instead of always getting up to go to the vending machine, think about instead getting some nuts and fruit to eat. You can buy nuts and dried fruit anywhere, however an effective idea would be to use the pick and mix function at Holland And Barrett’s. Here you can pick out the nuts you enjoy, some seeds and dried fruits to snack on during your working day to stop you teaching for chocolate.

Getting personal (33).jpg

Pack your own lunch

It is super important when you are trying to be healthier this year that you don’t let yourself be tempted by cheat meals at lunchtime. If you work in a city centre the lure of a burger or wrap can be almost too much to handle, but if you want to lose some weight and be more confident you need to pack your own food. Be sure to pack your sandwich full of dense greens, add some fruit and a good source of protein. Making a packed lunch doesn’t take that long and it can be a game changer for your body to keep you lean.

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