How to personalise your life

Of course, we are all the author’s of our own lives. While there are circumstances that might move you as much as you would like to move them, we always have the ability to choose our attitude in the presence of those circumstances, and how we act will often change the outcome, or our experience of it. This boils down what the stoics and most inspiring philosophers have told us over the years – your external environment may change, but you can command yourself. Sometimes this can vitally depend on how we see ourselves.

If we believe ourselves to be lesser, even if that’s only a subconscious feeling, we will often act in that way. It’s amazing how the feeling of ‘no, I deserve to look great’ can only take seconds to form, but smash through a lifetime of neglecting makeovers or wearing what we’d like. We often don’t enjoy fashion makeover programs for the specifics of how someone looks at the end, but of the character change we witness when someone begins to start believing in themselves. We’re in no way suggesting you fail to believe in yourself, if you’re reading articles online to help you through life it could be quite the contrary. But sometimes, a little personal maintenance can go a long way.

We might find that personalizing our lives could give us that extra spring in our step, and help us confirm our identity to ourselves, however we enjoy doing that. If nothing else, it can feel like a novel way to live. To engage with this, please consider our advice:


Sometimes you just want to adorn your life with things that speak, utterly and completely, of you. This might mean changing the name of your home to something regal, such as ‘The Mill’ or something you consider to be appropriate its identity. It might be the tattoos you decide to get, or the styling you choose to go for. What brand of watch do you wear? How do you have your hair styled so it complements your head shape? What colors just work best for you, and bring out your eyes? Making a statement can also help with this. It might be finding a personalized license plate through Carreg could be something to give you confidence on the roads, and help your vehicle feel more ‘yours.’ It might be the custom bodykit you install. It all has an effect.

If you haven’t answered these questions before and have simply ‘winged it,’ it can be extremely freeing to find out just how you feel about these things. Some might consider small decisions like this to be pointless, and perhaps nothing in comparison to the full meaning of a lifetime. This could be true, but it’s also true that finding out your niche in many different avenues like this can also help define your interests, or show you something new. It is the difference between wearing a suit to an event or wearing a custom tailored suit. Sure, both are fine, but one can certainly help you feel more comfortable and confident. Give it a try!

Our Homes

Your home space can affect your daily confidence more than you may be aware of. With a little care and consideration, we can often tailor the anchor of our lives to feel more applicable to our tastes, interests, and organizing optimization that might be good for us from the offset. Developing your home’s floor plan, its color scheme, the surrounding comfort of its interior as well as its navigable space is one thing, but having it celebrate your achievements, become a true place you can unwind with your family or simply developing into somewhere you love returning to each day will help you feel more connected and rooted in your environment, which can be extremely important in an often-changing, unpredictable world.

Our Work Style

Have you tailored your work style? Have your perfected using brevity in your emails, have you developed the correct letterheads for your business, have you given deep thought to the branding of your latest project and how it represents you? Have you even given thought to the small things, such as your cut of suit, or how your signature is developed, or perhaps your custom domain for your email address? Our work style can say plenty about our personality, both in personal projects and those we are employed to partake in. Where you have the freedom to exercise your creative flair, doing so can help you feel a little less conventional and a little more secure of yourself.

With these tips, personalising your life is sure to be a confidence-building and personally rewarding journey to embark on.

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