Last minute Christmas gift ideas

With Christmas only a matter of weeks away, the majority of us will be bring our Christmas shopping to an end. Whether you prefer to stroll around shops or buy your presents online, most of us like to be organised so we can enjoy the run up to Christmas with as little stress as possible. For some of us though, this isn’t the case and we somehow find ourselves making a last minute dart to the shops with Christmas only a few days away. Although we still have a bit of time before the big day, I thought I’d help you out with some gift ideas in case you’re struggling to find the right present for that special someone.

Gifts for a movie lover…

The chances are we all have a film buff in our life and movie related gifts can make for a good Christmas present. If you’re unsure of what genre of films your family member or friend is into, then it’s a good idea to buy a cinema gift card. This means they can see a film of their choice and you won’t be potentially buying an unwanted gift. If on the other hand you know the types of films they like or even film merchandise; there are many places who offer these types of gifts, from boxsets to movie characters and all at a reasonable price.

Getting personal (27)

Relaxing gifts…

If you want to treat that special person in your life, then why not opt for a relaxing gift like a spa voucher or a homemade hamper. Depending on your budget a voucher for a spa treatment can be more meaningful than an actual gift and can make a relaxing end to the year. If you have a smaller budget then a nice alternative is to create your own relaxing hamper. You can include items such as candles, bath products, face masks and other relaxing essentials. By doing this you’re giving a more meaningful gift and can potentially work out considerably cheaper.

For the foodie in your life…

When it comes to food related gifts, the list of ideas is endless. From popular gift sets from companies like Nando’s, to kitchen utensils and equipment; there is something for the foodie in your life. For a more personal and quirky gift, a good idea is to look at items you can personalise like an apron or cookbook. A food related gift or kitchen product will always go down well in the eyes of a food lover, so making it personal adds that special touch to the gift and doesn’t have to be expensive.

With Christmas only a matter of weeks away, we should be bringing our present buying to a close. For the less organised shoppers who are struggling for ideas of what to buy, hopefully this post has given you a few ideas which may help you out.

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