5 fun hobbies to get into

It is reported that Oscar Wilde once said that only boring people are boring. And like much of the author’s work, it is relevant to modern men today; how do we spend our time? Money can be tight when you’re a young working professional, so starting an expensive hobby might not be the ideal thing. But there are plenty of other options for how you could spend your spare time that won’t cost the earth, can be fun, and can help you to be a more well-rounded and more interesting individual. Intrigued? Here are some ideas to whet your appetite.


Being able to cook works well in two ways, as it is practical and can help you to eat well. But it can become a great hobby as you get to be the recipient of the thing that you’re eating, and can also be used to impress family, friends, and dates, as you prepare food for them. The college student cooking isn’t what you should be like for the rest of your life.

Car Repair

Knowing a mechanic is someone that everyone wants. Being nifty with car repair is something that is really useful, and can be a good thing to help you and all others around you. It can be a fun thing to do as well if you fancy repairing an old car to then sell on, or just want to learn how to do some basic repairs on your own car. You could look for things like Peugeot parts cheaply to build a car from scratch or to repair an old car that could be bought cheaply. If you’ve got plenty of empty weekends, then this could be the thing for you.


A fitness-based hobby is something that can be fun, enjoyable, and a fantastic way to keep fit. The good news is that it can be something that is really low cost, as in most cases, you don’t need equipment for training for something like a half-marathon. You could tick off a goal from your bucket list or really push yourself to the limits. There are endless options like bodybuilding, triathlon training, or working on something like reducing your body fat percentage.

Getting personal (24)


There are very few hobbies that are going to allow you to get so acquainted with beauty or nature like photography could. From improving your skills for Instagram to honing your skills with a DSLR camera, it is a hobby that fits in with all different aspects of your life , as you take photographs in all sorts of places depending on what you are doing. With many computer basic photo editing being enough to help you edit, it can be a pretty inexpensive hobby.


This works well as a good group hobby, so if you and some mates are often at a loss of what to do, it can get your outdoors and moving. It is a little like a treasure hunt, and it will improve your map reading skills, GPS skills, and get your step count up.

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