Alternative gifts for men

With the festive season right around the corner, it makes sense to start thinking about your Christmas shopping now- the earlier you start, the easier it is to spread the cost. Finding the perfect gift is never easy, but if you have a think about the kinds of things the person you’re buying for enjoys you can definitely simplify the process. For example, if you’re looking to give a gift to someone that loves their car or enjoys driving there are a number of directions you could go with it. Here are some ideas!

A track day

A track day is a great opportunity to let loose and really push your driving skills to the limit. There are no speed restrictions on the track, so you can put your foot down and drive as quickly as you want. This is a great choice for someone that has a fast car, but just about any car is allowed and so is perfect for someone that loves driving in general. There are full days or half day sessions depending on their preferences and your budget, but if you know the person loves being out in their car and would appreciate the adrenaline boost then it’s a fantastic gift to go for. Be sure to read the fine print before booking to make sure that everything is in order.


A driving experience

An alternative to booking a track day for someone to drive their own car would be a driving experience. Here they’re able to drive a monster truck, muscle car, supercar or just about any other kind of vehicle! If you browse through you’re sure to find something they’ll like. There tend to me more limits and restrictions on these than regular track days, for example you’ll only usually get a certain amount of laps around the track, and things like heavy braking or drifting will be against the rules. But if you know the person has always wanted to drive a certain kind of vehicle then it’s definitely something to look into!


A vehicle rental

If the person you’re buying the gift for appreciates great vehicles but doesn’t necessarily feel the need to push their driving and speed limits to the max, then renting out a cool car or bike for a day or a few days so they can cruise around in it and experience what it’s like could allow them to make memories and have loads of fun.


A vehicle

Finally, this is a more extreme choice but could be perfect for the right person. If you want a really special ‘main gift’ perhaps for a partner, son or dad then you could buy them a vehicle. If you don’t have thousands to spend up front, things like car finance and Superbike loans could allow you to spread the cost. Maybe they’re in need of a new vehicle, or perhaps they’ve recently passed their test and it will be their first. Either way, it’s a gift they’ll never forget!


Are you buying a gift for a vehicle lover or someone that enjoys driving? What will you go for?

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