3 powerful ways to increase your social standing

We are social beings, and the more influence we have in society, the more likely we are to feel that we are living a full and happy life. Of course, the nature of such a social hierarchy is that not everyone can be at the top. But there is something that everyone can do if they want to feel better about their own social influence, and that is to work towards increasing their social standing as best as they can. As it happens, there are many ways of doing this, and you might find that it actually comes quite naturally to you once you start to make these changes. What’s more, they might bring about some real life changes which are bound to be positive. In this post, we will look into some of the truly powerful ways to increase your own social standing, no matter where you are starting off from.

Utilize Social Proof

If you want to increase your social standing, you can do so by first understanding an important psychological concept known as social proof. This is where people make assumptions about something – a person, situation or anything at all – based on what others seem to socially indicate about that thing. For instance, a woman is more likely to be attracted to the male who already has a good deal of female attention, as she takes it as social proof that he is worth being attracted to. You are more likely to put money in a tip jar which already has money in it. You can utilize this by making yourself appear to have social standing – by increasing your circle of friends, being dominant, and so on – which will then mean that more people are drawn to you when they see this proof of your standing.

Display Your Assets

It’s important too to be able to know how to display whatever assets you might have – and to understand what an asset really is. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that money is the only asset worth displaying, as actually people are likely to be attracted to and impressed by a whole range of assets, including personal characteristics which you might have. Understanding what your own assets are and showing them off is essential in ensuring that you gain a lot of social standing, so make sure you are doing this. Whether that means driving in your new Mercedes-Benz S CLASS or showing what a good artist you are, it’s likely to have the same kind of effect.

Be Kind

Finally, be careful not to make the mistake of thinking that the nice guy finishes last. Actually, the nice guy gets all the friends, because people are likely to want to spend more time with someone who makes them feel good about themselves. By being genuinely kind and generous in an honest way, you can expect your social standing to increase greatly and quickly. You will also feel much better about yourself, and that renewed confidence will only help to spur on your social life even further.


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