3 mistakes which could be effecting your running

Running has never been that popular before, even when Rocky used it as part of his workouts in the eponym films. Nowadays, running is not only an integral element of your fitness regime, but it’s also a lifestyle. You don’t just run. You are a runner. You embrace everything that comes with running, from fashionable activewear to sore legs on the next day. It’s fair to say that, most runners, never start their fitness journey without a quality fitness tracker – the kind that can keep track of the distance you ran, the route you took, the calories you consumed and your heartbeat, without mentioning sleep patterns too – and expensive but functional shoes – unfortunately, quality running shoes don’t come for free, but your feet will thank you for the investment. Unfortunately, just because you’ve bought the entire running gear, it doesn’t mean you can safely enjoy your hobby. In fact, there are still rookie mistakes that can ruin your workout.

You’re putting too much pressure on your legs and feet

Don’t believe the common assumption that runners are more likely to suffer from knee problems than non-runners. In fact, one of the most known knee complaints, the runner’s knee, has been rising again as a result of many people taking on running without a proper training plan.  To put it clearly, it’s not running that causes the issue. Sharp pain in your knee is the result of excessive loading and pressure, which can happen if your knee needs to compensate for a weakness in your hips or a bad posture for instance. Sometimes, the pressure can go down to your feet and cause painful bunions, which you can remove through bunion surgery. If you experience pain while running, you might want to hire a personal trainer to help you strengthen your hips and legs muscles.  

Your post-workout snack is wrong

Let’s be honest: are you running for fun or are you trying to get fit – aka lose weight? There’s no shame in wanting to shape your body. However, you need to be careful about your post-workout snack. After an intense workout, your body needs fuel to repair the tears in the muscles and grow stronger. Your snack needs to contain protein, which is used to feed the muscles, some carbs to recover your glycogen stores, and fats to aid recovery. In short, you can’t just stop at your local pastry shop after a run. You won’t see any benefit at all!

Your activewear gear is too tight

Activewear has to be tight, right? Well, yes, it’s fair to say that compression clothing can encourage blood flow as you run and keep your muscle oxygenated. But, you need to be careful about your sports gear. If your clothes are too tight, you might cause health issues and reduce blood flow to your legs. Additionally, for long distance runs, compression clothes don’t let your skin breathe, which is problematic as you can’t cool down easily.

Whether you’re not seeing any change in body shape or whether you’re struggling with sharp pains when you exercise, these running mistakes can turn your fitness hobby into a nightmare. So don’t take chances and look after yourself with the same care than a professional runner!

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