Adding a personal touch with Old English Company

Sometimes buying a loved one or a friend a gift can be a difficult task. Would they like this? Do they already have it? Is it thoughtful? these are just some of the thoughts we come across when buying presents for someone special. Although buying gifts can be tricky and sometimes we worry about how much we’re spending, to a lot of people a smaller, more meaningful gift means a lot more than a last minute one which was higher in price.

The personalised gifts industry is becoming very competitive, with more and more companies producing their own unique products. You’ve probably heard of the big name brands like, who are currently leading the way, but there are smaller companies as well who offer a great range of products at more reasonable prices. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a wedding, birthday or even with Father’s day approaching, hopefully this post may help you out.

Adding a personal touch to the home

Canvases and prints add a special touch to our home and can make a strong impact on the interior design. A lot of people opt for photography or art, but there are a huge variety of prints containing quotes and even personalised typography. In my experience I’ve found that both normal and personalised prints are reasonable in price and you can pick up a frame for about £5, to really finish the gift off. You can buy prints containing quotes and images to cater for everyone. Whoever you’re buying the gift for, you’ll know what they like, whether it be their favourite food, drink or city, so this will definitely add a more thoughtful touch to the gift.

Keeping a meaningful gift close by

Sometimes we want to buy a small gift as a thank you or even to go with a more expensive present, so finding something the recipient can keep close by makes it extra special. Old English Company has recently launched their enamel pin badge range, which offers an alternative idea that can be kept close by on a daily basis. Whether it’s attached to a coat, scarf or bag, this is a special gift that doesn’t cost a lot and can be a reminder of a special occasion or a symbol of your friendship.

A thoughtful gift for the office

Buying someone a present for work isn’t something most of us would consider, but a nice planner or mug is worth contemplating. Mugs and planners with inspirational quotes on are perfect for the workplace and it also means all work and notes are neatly documented instead of using individual pieces of paper or an old notebook. Although diaries and planners can range in price and sometimes be quite costly, mugs aren’t and they add an alternative idea when it comes to buying a gift.

Hopefully this post has given you some ideas if you’re struggling to find a present for someone. If the idea of a pin badge sounds appealing to you, then Old English Company are running a competition to potentially win a set from their new range. You can find out how to enter the competition here, and the winner will be chosen on 30th May.

Good luck!

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