Step up your race day style

The sport of horse racing is hugely popular all over the world, especially here in the UK. The buzz of a race meeting is something most of us have experienced and love to be a part of. When it comes to racing, us Brits have the excitement of some of the biggest meetings in the sports history. Watched by millions across the globe, The Cheltenham Festival, Royal Ascot and of course, the most spectacular race in the world, The Grand National are all staged on racecourses across the country.

We all have our own reasons for attending a race meeting, whether it’s a great day out with friends, to enjoy the amazing atmosphere or to have an excuse to dress up. Over recent years a huge part of racing has centred around fashion and what glamourous attire to wear. Events like Ladies Day at Aintree now award a prize for the best dressed racegoer, which only adds to the desire of wanting to look your best and pick out that award winning outfit.

With the race season well underway and The Grand National Festival only a few weeks away, it’s time to start considering your outfit and how to step up your race day attire, if you haven’t already.

Making a statement

It’s no secret we all want to look our best when we attend any event, not just a race meeting. For men we more often than not opt for a two or three piece suit, with black, grey and navy being the front runners. For some racing events the standard of dress code is set higher than it is for some less popular meetings, but for some of the bigger events it’s important to look the part and step up your game when it comes to choosing your outfit.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot to look and feel good but sometimes adding a bit of luxury to your outfit can go a long way. If you’re after a more luxurious outfit then designer brands like Canali stock a range of high quality suits that are sure to take your outfit to a new level and create the perfect race day statement.

The finer details

It’s surprising what impact a tie and pocket square combination can have on your outfit. Some people prefer not to wear a tie and opt for the more causal open collar look, but wearing a tie and pocket square can add a special touch to your outfit. Although you may not think it, there is a way of matching a tie and pocket square and it’s important to do this. This may sound complicated but it’s not; you just have to consider factors such as matching colour palette and pattern. A tie and pocket square combination can really finish a suit off and add a more sophisticated look to your outfit.

The finishing touches

Once you’ve picked your suit, tie and pocket square (if you choose to opt for one) then all that’s remaining is the finishing touches. For certain enclosures at race meetings like Royal Ascot, you may be required to wear a top hat but this isn’t likely at most other racecourses. Picking out a watch and cufflinks to compliment your outfit will add a special touch and add a discreet level of glamour. For anyone wanting to add a slight vintage twist to your attire then you may want to consider a pocket watch and braces, a simple way of adding the finishing touches to your race day outfit.

For some racegoers fashion is at the bottom of the list of priorities and as I’ve previously mentioned, you don’t have to spend a lot to look good.  Whether you’re attending the races or another special occasion, you don’t have to buy a new outfit to step up your style. Simple touches like a tie, pocket square and cufflinks can have a big impact and take your outfit to another level.

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