Adding the finishing touches to your formal attire

Dressing for a formal occasion can sometimes be a difficult task and takes hours of planning and trying on different outfits. Wedding season is slowly creeping up on us as well as famous sporting events like Cheltenham and The Grand National. It’s natural that we want to look our best and avoid wearing the same attire as anyone else. For men, we have a wide range of suits, blazers and trousers from high street shops such as River Island and designer brands that we can choose from. Although most of us opt with a two or three piece suit, it’s the finer details that can really create a show stopping outfit and take your attire to another level.

The finer details can be anything from a pocket square to the shoes you choose to pick, so I thought I’d share a few ideas that might help you when planning your next outfit.

Tie & Pocket Square

Most of us normally wear a tie but not a pocket square. Most shops sell matching ties and pocket squares but it’s advised to not match them. A tie is the main statement and a pocket square is meant to compliment everything else, so wearing a pocket square the same colour as your tie can take the effect away. In order to compliment your outfit, it’s best to select a patterned pocket square which matches a colour from the tie. If patterns aren’t for you then you can opt for a single colour which is either a shade lighter or darker than the suit jacket.

Underwear & Socks

It may not seem very important but socks in particular can add a quirky effect to an outfit. Most people like to stick with black or navy as it looks neater and creates a solid colour that runs from the pants to the shoes. Whether it’s a wedding in the summer or a day at the races, we want to look our best and be comfortable at the same time. You can purchase high quality, designer underwear and socks from places like Body Branded, where you can choose from plain or patterned socks, as well as comfortable underwear. If you’d like to wear patterned socks then it’s best to match them with your pants, not the shoes.

Untitled design (62).jpg


Most people wouldn’t know that depending on your outfit, you can co-ordinate your watch and clothing. If you’re attending a black tie event or wearing a similar outfit then it’s best to opt for a classic style, with a black leather band. For all other formal events go for a watch with a classic gold or silver body, and a thin dial. It never crossed my mind that you can match your watch with your attire but it’s definitely something I’ll consider in the future.

The Finer Details

Cufflinks and a tie clip can add the finishing touches to a formal outfit. Most shirts available today don’t allow for the option for cufflinks as they fasten with buttons, but this doesn’t mean you can’t find a shirt that can cater for them. For a personal touch, you can buy personalised cufflinks that may be a present for the day, adding a special twist on the outfit.

I’m a firm favourite of mine is tie clips; I just think they finish the tie/pocket square combination off really nicely. You can’t go far wrong with a clip as most of them are either silver or gold, meaning you can easily match it with a black, navy or tweed suit. A tie clip is just another finer detail that can really make a difference to your outfit.

It really is the finishing touches and finer details that can make the difference to your formal outfit. Whilst creating this post I picked up some handy tips and it would be great if you had any as well. If so, it would be great to hear them.

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