5 ways to improve your blogging

You may enjoy writing blog posts but does your audience enjoy reading them? Your blog may have begun its life as just a fun side project for yourself, but as you develop your voice, you’ll be curious to see what other people think. After all, while it’s nice to have things that we enjoy for ourselves, sometimes it’s good to share your passion! By improving your blogging, you’ll be able to draw in a wider audience, and hopefully achieve any goals you’ve set yourself.

Mix up the Layout

With most blogs you come across, the content is high quality and intriguing but sometimes it can be hard to find other posts on the site. This usually happens because of two reasons. The first is not having categories easily accessible. The second is having categories easily accessible, but incorrectly labelling the blog posts. Making sure you add relevant labels to your posts is important as you don’t want your readers to search for labels and then find out the content isn’t relevant to what they’ve searched for.

Get Organised

There are many good blogs out there that receive virtually no visitors, don’t show up in Google rankings, and so on. Why? Because they’re only very infrequently updated due to family and work commitments. Maintaining a blog requires effort, and organisation, and a knowledge of how to make sure you’re at your productive best. If you’re not quite up to speed in this department, then take a look at receiving Microsoft Outlook training. You’ll be much more organised, and in a position to up your blogging output and make it more professional.

Expand Your Topics

Everyone has different topics they like to focus on but by broadening your subjects it may attract new readers. People like to read different opinions, even if they’re controversial or different. If you don’t know what to write about, just take a look at the internet’s biggest trending topics. You’ll find all the inspiration you need there, and can be sure that people are going to be searching for the topics that you’re covering.

Learn the Art of Persuasion

Writing content takes a lot of planning and creativity. Whatever you’re writing about, you want it to be infused with passion and persuasion. After all if you’re trying to engage your reader of something, your writing will need to be at its best. Even if you’re not trying to convince your reader of the topic, you will still want them to find your content intriguing.

Keeping Things Trim

Many people are great writers, but struggle when it comes to editing. But editing is just as important as the writing part; it’s where you tidy up the piece and make it a well-polished, convincing piece of work. If your blog posts are routinely hitting the 1000 word mark, it’s time to get stricter with your editing.


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