Enjoying an alternative night in with Flavourly

Nowadays going out can be fairly expensive. The price of food, drinks and a taxi home can easily start racking up and it’s easy to understand why people prefer to buy their own alcohol and stay at home instead. When I go out I like to drink lager, whether it be bottled or draught but I’m not very adventurous when it comes to trying other drinks.

Whether it be in my local pub or on a shop shelf, I’m always intrigued by craft beers and ales. Usually carrying an interesting name and an eye catching design, these types of drinks are not normally something I’d go for. I have wanted to try a new, refreshing drink for some time now, so when Flavourly got in touch and asked if I’d like to try some of their products, the answer was of course, yes!

Who are Flavourly?

Untitled design (57)

If you’re looking online for a range of great tasting drinks such as craft beers and gins, then Flavourly are your go to. Referred to as adventurers and explorers, the team have had the help from over 1000,000 reviews to help deliver great tasting drinks they know we’ll love.

With a range of different flavoured alcoholic drinks, Flavourly offers endless gift ideas and even monthly subscription boxes which are sure to make for a thoughtful gift.

What’s in the box?

The package I received was the mixed box but there’s also the option of a dark or light beer box as well. The box contained 4 bottles and 6 cans including a selection of lagers and ales.

Untitled design (60)

The box is part of a monthly subscription, costing £25 per month but can also be bought as a one off gift. When I first realised how much the package would cost I was a little bit surprised as I thought it was fairly expensive. When I thought about it, if you’re into these types of drinks then it’s actually good value for money considering £25 doesn’t get you very far on a night out.

I’m slowly working my way through each drink and I’ve been surprised by the array of flavours. My current favourite is the Brewgooder Clean Water Lager. For me this would be a great drink to enjoy in the summer months whilst the food is cooking away on the BBQ, as it delivers a refreshing taste with a subtle citrus hint.

Untitled design (58).jpg

My thoughts

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with some of the different flavours I’ve experienced in the mixed beer box. For anyone who likes the different tastes of craft beers then I would definitely recommend the Flavourly subscription boxes. At first the price does seem expensive but when you break it down it actually works out quite reasonable.

If beer isn’t your thing then you can also find a mix of wines, gins and much more. I’m a huge fan of the series Peaky Blinders so when I found a range of drinks inspired by the show, I knew what I wanted to ask for with my birthday just around the corner.

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