Exploring the outdoors with Jacamo

When living in the UK the one thing we can never be sure of is the weather. It’s not uncommon to feel like you’ve experienced all 4 seasons within the space of a few hours and because of this we often find ourselves with not enough or too many layers when we brave the outdoors. For me personally I prefer to be cooler rather than warm. I find that whenever I’m outdoors and wearing a coat or jacket my body temperature rises, which of course is natural but I feel more comfortable when by temperature is lower.

Trying to find the perfect clothing for an outdoor adventure can be hard so when the clothing brand Jacamo got in touch, I thought I’d try and find a jacket that suits as many weather conditions as possible and is perfect for outdoor adventures.

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I recently bought a parka for the colder weather so I wanted to find something a bit lighter but that could also be worn in colder conditions, so I went with the Jack Wolfskin Northern Point Jacket. A softshell jacket made for 3 season use.

Made from a breathable, stretchy fabric this simple jacket offers comfort and practicality all in one. The selling point for me was the two key specifications, its windproof and water-resistant. Due to the robust nature of the STORMLOCK technology the jacket is made from, it’s the perfect garment for light showers as the beads of rain will simply run off the fabric. The jacket also has a fixed hood and a fleece interior meaning you’ll be kept warm whatever the weather conditions may be.

With any coat or jacket I buy I like to know not only that it has pockets but zips as well, so this was another factor in choosing this item. I like to explore new places which often means I have my phone and keys with me, so having zip pockets means my valuables are secure and hidden from bad weather conditions.

Priced at £85 this softshell jacket is well worth the money. Windproof, breathable and water-resistant make this a jacket that can be worn on a range of outdoor expeditions, whether that be on water or land and can be worn throughout the year. If you find yourself exploring the outdoors frequently and you’re in need of a new jacket then, the Jack Wolfskin Norther Point is maybe what you’re looking for.

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