Why owning your own car isn’t always so good

There are many reasons why owning a car is great. If you’re a driving enthusiast, you can probably list them. There is the flexibility, for starters, as having the power to get from A to B without the woes of public transport is incredibly freeing. Then there is the status of owning a car, enjoying your pride and joy while finally feeling like a grownup. It’s not all plain sailing, of course. As car owners will understand, there are some things that just plain suck about having a car. The following are just some of them.

The expense

This is the biggie. Driving isn’t cheap, and while there are ways to cut down the costs, that are many things that put a hole in your bank balance. The cost of fuel, road tax, repair bills and car insurance are just some of the reasons why you may not be able to afford a holiday this year. Money issues take away the joy of driving, and it can be tempting to ditch your four wheels and consider the two-wheeled joys of a bicycle instead.

MOT day

The day you don’t want to forget adding to your calendar, but it’s also the day you wish didn’t exist at all. The moment you book an MOT online or at your local garage, the moment your palms begin to sweat, and your heart begins to palpitate. It’s like exam results day all over again. Has your car passed the test? You won’t know until the phone rings, and for the hours before you find out the news, you will have spent time nervously going back and forth to the loo in anticipation. Let’s just hope its good news!

Other road users

If only you had private access to the roads! Sadly, you don’t, and you have to put up with other drivers and their annoying habits. You know what we mean… those people who don’t indicate when turning at a junction, the idiots who tailgate you on the motorway, the dimwits in front of you who slow down for no apparent reason… it’s no wonder people get road rage. Of course, you are a perfect driver, and you aren’t guilty of any of those mistakes. However, if you have been the subject of road rage from another driver, no matter how rude they have been to you, you are probably guilty of doing something wrong yourself!

Your friends and family

Yes, we know you love your friends and family and you would do all you can to help them. But there are limits, and if you are the only car owner in your personal circle, people are going to take advantage of you. Mum might want a hand with her shopping, your mates may need a designated driver for the night out, and even your next door neighbour will get in on the act, asking you to take him somewhere “if it’s not too far out of your way.” Will you ever get the opportunity to enjoy the car for yourself? Probably not!

Your physical health

Remember when you were the specimen of perfect health? The moment you bought a car, those days dwindled into the distant past. Having a car makes it easy to avoid exercise, and you may even be guilty of making very short trips in your motor, when walking would have made the most practical sense. Let’s be honest, then. If you care about your fitness levels, there are times when you need to leave your car on the drive. Perhaps getting a bike isn’t a bad idea after all!


Of course, if you are car owner, you probably wouldn’t want to give up driving because of the reasons mentioned. Still, for all the joys your motor gives you, you do need to admit that life used to be a lot easier (and cheaper) without one!


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