The best workout partner to keep you motivated

If you’re the sort of guy that has the most admirable intentions of heading to the gym three times a week, but find it increasingly difficult to get there, the chances are that you need a workout buddy. You might find any excuse there is not to make it to the gym. It might be raining, too cold, it’s your turn to cook dinner, the car won’t start, the kids are sick, or you have a bit of a dodgy ankle. Realistically none of these are reason enough to miss out on a gym session. You just lack motivation. Take a look at the kinds of workout buddies that you may encounter before you launch yourself into a quest to find a gym companion.

The Preacher

While this sort of gym companion may seem motivating with his shouts of ‘Come on!’ and ‘Just one more rep, man!’ you can quickly tire of his undying enthusiasm and energy. He will correct your stance on the treadmill, inform you of the drawbacks of steroid usage and force bottled water down your throat to replenish the fluid you’ve lost through sweat. He is knowledgeable but a little too eager to pass this knowledge on to you. You don’t care. You just want a pal to have a giggle with down at the gym. The one positive aspect to this sort of workout buddy is that you cannot fail to lose weight and tone up. Winner.

The Similar Mind

There’s very little point of finding a workout buddy who is too similar to yourself. You require someone who will encourage you to get to the gym and work as hard as you can on the rowing machine, the cross trainer and in spin class. If your buddy is also lacking the impetus to find himself venturing to the gym in the name of fitness, you’ll find that this relationship will falter at the first hurdle.

The Facilitator

A facilitating workout companion will encourage you to get to the gym and get you training hard as soon as your foot hits the stepper. They will count your reps for you, set up the machines to make sure you’re working your muscles hard enough, and they’ll keep your feet secure when you want to do your sit-ups. You’ll return the favour and help them in their quest to shape up. As long as you don’t become too comfortable and push one another hard enough, this could be the ideal workout buddy for you.

The Rival

This is your gym buddy in all but name. You may venture to the gym with your pal and set foot on a treadmill only for your mate to grab the one next to you and set the pace 1 km/h faster. Head to the rower, and they’ll be looking over your shoulder and trying to hit a faster stroke rate. Find yourself on the bench press, and they’ll lift more than you even if it gives them a nosebleed. While you don’t care, they do, and you don’t want to be responsible for the self-inflicted injury any nonsensical rivalry may cause.

Workout buddies are great, if you ensure you have the right type heading to the gym with you. Motivating and encouraging, you could find yourself getting fitter, more toned and shifting the pounds in no time.


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