The benefits of managing a youth football team

There are a host of personal benefits to be gotten from managing a youth football team.

You get yourself some new qualifications and possibly open up some doors for yourself

To be able to work in a position of trust with children and work as football coach, you need to have certain qualifications or be vetted in certain areas — it’s as simple as that.

One such area in which you need to be vetted in is your suitability to work with children; the parents of the children you manage will want to know that their children will be safe from harm around you, and being legal vetted offers them this peace of mind. Specifically, what you should do is get yourself a DBS check and, if you pass the check, a DBS certificate. What this certificate symbolises is that you have been thoroughly checked for any criminal convictions and that you have been vetted in regards to your suitability to keep children safe when they are under your supervision. By obtaining this certificate, crucially, you would be able to be around the children you manage. And, by obtaining this certificate, you’d also find that, on a personal level, you would benefit too. For instance, by having an up-to-date DBS certificate you allow yourself the opportunity to apply for other roles in regards to working with children, and the fact that you already have the certificate will speed the job application process up no end. So, by getting yourself a DBS check for your football managing venture, you could also find yourself easier routes into other lines of work, too.

You have the chance to make an everlasting impression on a young person’s life

Even if you didn’t play football, or any sport for that matter, when you were younger, there were still people outside of your family and friends that made an impression on your life, right? For instance, you probably remember most of your school teachers, right? Regardless of whether that be for the better or for the worst, you still remember them, which means they made an everlasting impression on your life. And you can do the same for the children you coach. You can leave an everlasting impression on what it takes to win and succeed by giving them tough but rewarding training regimes. You can leave an everlasting impression on what can be gained from hard work by dishing out trophies, specifically football trophies such as the ones found at, at the end of the season to those in the team that deserved them. And you can leave an everlasting impression on how to correctly and successfully work within a team. When you do all of these things you do your bit in setting the children you manage up for adulthood, even if they don’t go on to play football professionally. And the personal benefit of doing all of this is clear: you can feel good about yourself, and that’s always a good thing.

You have an excuse to do a bit of travelling about

Managing a football team will allow you to do a lot of travelling as you’d be travelling for away games regularly; if your team is good enough to place nationally, then you’ll find yourself all over the country on a regular basis. But, it’s not just travelling to the away matches that would give you an excuse to do some travelling. No, by managing a team of children you’d always have an excuse to treat them to days out if they succeed or offer them the prize of a day out if they, say, win a certain game or go on a run of good form. This means you could find yourself treating your team of children to a day out in Liverpool to indulge in the Anfield experience, and you’d get to visit the world famous home of Liverpool F.C. yourself as you did so! And, if that’s not a personal benefit, then what is?

Some of them can be found below.

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