How to plan the perfect road trip

We all love going on holiday, exploring new cities and staying in new hotels. If you are anything like me then you will plan and research every element of your holiday. From the best restaurants to eat in through to the most scenic street to walk down. However, something that we often overlook in our holiday planning and research is the road trip. If we are staying in the UK or even if we are going abroad, we will probably be going on a road trip of sorts. If not planned properly a road trip can be exhausting. However, if planned properly a road trip can be a lot of fun and an amazing part of your holiday. Here’s what you need for the perfect road trip.

Get A Map And Plan That Route

Don’t rely on your sat nav system, we all know how they sometimes like to take us around the houses.  Instead you want to plot your route using a map. Yep, it’s time to revisit your Scout days.  Plot your route and calculate how long you think it will take you.

Travel In Style

You might want to consider hiring a car so that you can travel in style. You don’t want to be traveling 8 hours in your clapped out motor when you could hire a better car. A Mercedes C-Class is a good option for those wanting to travel in style and comfort. It will get you from A to B and you won’t have to worry about the mileage because it isn’t your car!

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Plan Toilet Stops

You might think that you can travel 8 hours non-stop but your bladder and legs won’t thank you for it. Make sure that you plan to stop every couple of hours or so. Get out and stretch your legs and you might also want to grab a coffee too.

All Of The Snacks

We might all love The Little Chef and granted their breakfasts are good. However, we might not want to keep stopping at The Little Chef and spending our cash there. They can be expensive and a couple of stops later and your wallet will be feeling lighter.  Instead pack your snacks to take along with you.

Packing Your Car

Packing your car for a road trip can feel like a challenging game of Jenga. You probably want to pack the car the day before your road trip. A last minute car pack is never good for the stress levels. Make sure that you have anything that you might need during the trip in the seat next to you. You don’t want to be unpacking your car again halfway down the M1 because you can’t find your phone.


You will want a rough idea of how long your trip will take but don’t panic if you fall behind schedule. Go with the flow and enjoy the ride. There might be delays but try not to let this make your blood pressure rise. Switch the radio on and listen to some tunes. Try and view your road trip as some me time.

It is important to make sure you plan your trip carefully, especially if you are going to be travelling with a lot of people. For example, if you’re going on a stag do with the guys, you will need to consider what activities you’re going to be doing, as you’ll need to think about when to park the car up and switch to taxis once the drinking commences. Click here if you are looking for some ideas to help you plan the perfect stag party.

Enjoy that road trip!

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