The perfect gift for any gin lover

Gordon's Pink Gin

It seems to be that the amount of people taking a liking to gin is on the rise as more and more brands are now releasing their own ranges of the popular spirit. Most often accompanied with tonic, soda & lemonade, it can now be bought in a range of flavours and each bottle varies in price. Popular brands like Gordons, Tanqueray & Bombay Spice are now being rivalled by supermarkets making their own ranges of Gin and with Christmas on the way, bottles and quirky gift sets will start to fly off the shelves.

Gin Lover's Tasting Kit

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for family & friends. A bottle of someone’s favourite tipple is always a good idea but some companies now offer gift sets created around popular spirits. For the gin lover in your life, Men’s Society have carefully created the Gin Lovers Tasting Kit, featuring the perfect products to accompany your brand of choice.

So, what is the Gin Lovers Tasting Kit?

Securely delivered and elegantly presented, the kit contains:

  • Two Gin glasses
  • Stirrers
  • Coasters
  • Notebook
  • Pencil
  • Natural botanicals – Star Anise, Hibiscus Flowers & Juniper Berries

Most people are quite happy with a gin & tonic but by simply adding a few natural ingredients, your favourite drink is going to step up a notch when it comes to taste. After carefully selecting the perfect botanicals, the makers of the gin kit decided on Star Anise, Hibiscus Flowers & Juniper Berries. But what do they add?

Juniper Berries
The berries add a subtle, sharp hint of citrus flavour.

Juniper Berries

Hibiscus Flowers
The flower adds a hint of cranberry to the gin and gives the drink a professional finish.


Star Anise
A fragrant botanical which adds a hint of licorice and sweet herbs.

star anise

Why is this the perfect gift for any gin lover?

Containing high quality glassware and natural ingredients, the Tasting Kit is a thoughtful gift for the gin lover in your life. Most people are unaware of the different ingredients which can improve the tasting experience and this kit provides three of the best, meaning you don’t have to shop around for them separately.

Untitled design (32)

Priced at £40 the kit can seem fairly expensive, considering you have to buy the gin separately but it adds a special twist on the gin Experience and is sure to be the perfect gift this Christmas.

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