Minimal cost, Maximum Gain!

For most of us, the idea of keeping fit means a gym membership, one that will drain your finances more than your calorie intake! And as there is more than one way to skin a cat, or to shred your abs, with the wealth of training styles out there, it can feel a bit misleading to think that you do have to go to the gym to get ripped, or lose those few extra pounds. In actual fact, the idea behind getting fit is not just about getting those washboard abs, it’s about building strength, which you can do without having to go to the gym. Here are a few things to try.


Here is the best place to begin, to build up your resilience when doing weight training or strength; it’s a good idea to get yourself out into the elements and to go running. This costs nothing, and as we have seen from the amount of people who are marathon buffs, or think nothing of doing a 5k run once a week, it is shown to be a minimal investment for a maximum gain! If you feel that running is a bit too heavy duty on your joints, you can opt for the cycling to work idea. A lot of people do it, and not only does it save money on your petrol, but it also is helping save the planet a little bit! The one thing to be aware of in cycling, is that there are lots of areas of rough terrain, so you may want to think about getting bicycle insurance, but also prepare yourself for difficult surfaces. Or at least think about building up to these types of uneven road.

Get A Backpack!

While you can go running with a weighted backpack, remember strength training is just about lifting something heavy! So why bother getting a weight bag, when you can get a backpack, and fill it to the brim with heavy items? The same applies to doing strength training, as long as you have the space, you can do the most basic of strength training moves, such as squats or bent over rows, with a weighty set of bags. Ultimately, as long as you know the correct form, you won’t injure yourself, and this is the way that it was done hundreds of years ago, and these more rustic moves are making a comeback, with a prominent example being the farmer’s walk. And even something like the 5 x 5 workout is based upon the notion of increasing your strength by increasing the weight, which is just a classic notion that existed long before any incline chest press!


We’ve seen this everywhere, high-intensity interval training is a very popular workout, as we seen with training programs like insanity, but it just is the fact that you are using your body weight to complete certain set routines. And this is the perfect place to begin when you are aiming to get stronger. You don’t need to rely on a gym membership, there will be a point where you do need to go to the gym, purely to protect your form. Because lifting so much without proper form is going to be damaging in the long term, so you need maybe a personal trainer or a workout buddy, but in the early stages of exercising, it doesn’t need to cost anything. And with these types of routines, they require minimal investment, but with maximum gain.


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