Fight the fatigue with these simple detox hacks

For the majority of us, working 5 days a week and balancing a busy lifestyle can start to take its toll on our bodies. Early starts and long days can start to take the energy from our bodies and make us feel fatigued; meaning the days drag and the weekend seems to be getting further away. There are simple steps which we’re all familiar with, which help kick start our bodies for the day ahead. You can do this by eating 3 meals a day (especially breakfast) and trying to keep them as healthy as possible, drinking plenty of fluids, exercise regularly and getting a good nights sleep. However, the points I’ve mentioned are just some of the factors and may not work for everyone.

Detoxing provides a lot of health benefits and is something we should all think about doing every now and again, to cleanse our body and help provide a boost of energy. For most people who are “detoxing”, homemade smoothies are the go to. Each item in a detox smoothie carries its own health benefits and the drink doesn’t just help fight fatigue.

What can a detox do for your body?

  • Boost energy
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Cleanses organs, such as the liver
  • Helps weight loss

For anyone wanting to try a detox, there’s a broad variety of recipes and ingredients that will help you create a drink you’ll actually enjoy, but I wanted to share a few of the most common ingredients that are found in a detox drink and what health benefits they provide.

Lemon – Helps towards digestion and keeps your skin glowing.

Mint – Packed with antioxidants, mint speeds up the digestion process and helps settle an upset stomach.

Cucumber – Helps cleanse the liver, slows down the ageing process and fights against water retention.

Ginger – One of the best ingredients used to help minimise bloating and nausea.

Lime – A source of vitamin C, it helps boost the immune system and physical performance.

As I mentioned before, there are endless ingredients that can be added into a detox drink and it’s probably best you research what health benefit each ingredient has, in order to tackle your dilemma.

If making detox drinks isn’t for you, then simply adding some sliced lemon & lime to a jug of water and leaving it in the fridge overnight provides near enough the same benefits. By following these simple tips, you should start to notice an improvement in your body’s performance.

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