Supercuts Men’s Grooming Box

Over the past year or so, Men’s grooming & subscription boxes have caught the eye of many brands and for this reason the amount of subscription boxes on offer today, is gradually increasing.

Not so long ago I reviewed the Secret Scent Box which is a monthly subscription package, which in return you receive three samples of men’s fragrances. Since I reviewed the fragrances I was put off by the idea of monthly subscription boxes as when I think back, I don’t think the majority of them are worth the money.

A few weeks ago, the high street salon, Supercuts got in touch to see if I wanted to review one of their monthly grooming boxes. At first I wasn’t sure but when I heard some of the big name brands included in the box, such as American Crew, Regis & Bed Head, I thought I would give it a go.

Supercuts have released their second grooming box after their first one was a major success and sold out in just a number of days. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the grooming box as it contains two large products, a number of smaller, travel sized products and a voucher for a free gents cut at any local Supercuts salon.

Supercuts Grooming Box

Although I wasn’t the biggest fan of monthly grooming boxes, I honestly believe that the Supercuts Grooming box is well worth the money. The products I received totalled to over £50 but the box is sold at just £15, a bargain considering the voucher alone is worth £15!

The box can only be bought online and is available from 8th September.

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