Mowgli Street Food | Liverpool

A few weeks ago me and my girlfriend made the short trip to Liverpool for an overnight stay at Signature Living, followed by a day enjoying one of my 21st Birthday presents at Anfield.

When we were trying to decide where to eat, I had basically already chosen, after all we were there for my Birthday (albeit 5 months later). When I ask people where’s nice to eat in Liverpool, I usually here one restaurant crop up quite often, that being Mowgli. Created around the concept of Indian street food, Mowgli offers a refreshing change to the Indian you may be used to after enjoying a few beers on a Saturday night.

As it was our first time visiting Mowgli I didn’t really know what to expect, so with the help from a few of my fellow blogging buddies, I had virtually decided what we were going to have before we arrived.

Whenever I speak to anyone who’s been to Mowgli, all I seem to hear about is their famous Yoghurt chat bombs, so I couldn’t wait to give them a try.  Delicate balls of pastry, filled to the brim with yoghurt, topped off with chopped coriander and a pomegranate seed, the chat bombs were definitely a pleasant surprise.

Next on the menu was the Mowgli Chip Butty and I must admit, I wasn’t expecting what was put in front of us. A combination of potato chips and spices, wrapped in a roti wrap, The Mowgli Chip Butty had my taste buds tingling and slightly burning! It’s one for the spicy lovers.

It was at this point that I realised my eyes may have been bigger than my belly when the next course was put in front of me. Keely opted for the Mother Butter Chicken, which is similar to a Tikka in terms of consistency but packed with more flavour, I on the other hand went for the Bunny Chow, a fruity, hot curry served inside a wedge of bread, enjoyed with a side order of Puri, a much nicer option than your usual naan bread.

After demolishing every item of food put in front of me, I could barely move from the carb overload but it was well worth it. The brand behind Mowgli, Nisha Katona has changed the way in which people view Indian food, as the menu states “Chicken Tikka Masala does not exist in India” and has opened my eyes to the amazing flavours Indian street food has to offer.

We visited Mowgli’s Water Street restaurant but you can also find them on Bold Street in Liverpool and also in Manchester.

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